The above photo, advert, sign was taken from the Uniting Church Newspaper/Journey, April 2007, page two.

I firmly believe that their advert/sign is a 'dinky-di' example of the times we now live in. A time of half-truths, with half-breed-churches growing like poison

● Did you 'awaken' to the Messianic Truth about the sign concerned?

Exactly!....the word 'repentance' is not in the sum. Repentance is when a man or woman willfully turn away from their known sin, hence Jesus the Christ then forgives, pardons, delivers and empowers that one against that

To teach or proclaim otherwise is a satanic theology, the very same satanic theology that was founded in the garden called Eden. Salvation without requirements......Revelation 3:16, Hebrews 5:9, John 15:2, Genesis 3:4.

As I have taught thousands for years, "if the mathematics do not outweigh the presentation it's deception". Stevie Wonder could see that the UC Mathematics is seriously

I gather this is the results of not being endured with paraclete power from on high. False teaching ($$$$) is always synonymous with no holy ghost power or leading. A sign John Wesley himself would be totally ashamed

 ● Rebuttal by: Pastor Paul Sheehan
                       Luke 24:47

P.S.....A mathematics class that all willful-unrepentant-ongoing-sinners would zealously attend, especially the one-world-churches.