* How about you, do you walk with the blessed saviour and have you put away your body guards and price tags, wild dogs, minders, catchers, bouncers and mood swings?.....'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus!......hey?
ONCE I thought I walked with Jesus,
Yet such changeful moods I had,
Sometimes trusting, sometimes doubting,
Sometimes joyful, sometimes sad.

O, the peace my Saviour gives,
Peace I never knew before,
For my way has brighter grown,
Since I learned to trust Him more.

For He called me closer to Him,
Bade my doubting tremors cease,
And when I had fully trusted,
Filled my soul with perfect peace.

Now I'm trusting every moment,
Less than this is not enough,
And my Saviour bears me gently,
O'er the places once so rough.

Blessed Saviour, Thou dost keep me,
By Thy power from day to day,
And my heart is full of gladness,
For Thou'lt keep me all the way.

Author Unknown

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