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when they said to me let us go into the house of the lord.........Psalm 122:1

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  • These services are full gospel, full counsel, no frills, all beef, no bones, bona fide, bible based meets.........selah!


    Salvation, inescapable truth, a reality check, the chastening (refiners) fire of Fathers love, the hammer of holiness, joy unable to be spoken about, peace that far exceeds the boundaries of minds........Matthew 3:10-12.

    In a nut shell you will meet with Father by the power of the paraclete through the preaching and teaching of his/Jesus Doctrine....(click here)

    We are not here to make sinners feel good about there life of sin but preach repentance and forgiveness for the genuine and teach people of His Kingdom.

    There is only one membership book worth having your name written in, (its Jesus), there is only one doctrine that is able to save your soul from hell fire, (Jesus Doctrine) and there is only one person that can bar you from the Kingdom of God Almighty and that one is....you and your love for sin/darkness.......Revelation 3:5, 22:19, 20:15, 1 Timothy 4:16.
  • Whether they hear or whether they refuse I speak.
    Pastor Paul Sheehan/watchman
    Ezekiel 2:5

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P.S. Call today for our book - "Good Grief" published 1995........Hebrews 12:11.