* Paul was led to the Christ by an aboriginal (indigenous) brother in his home town of Rockhampton, Qld, Australia in 1987. The moment brother Sheehan repented of his sin and asked the Christ for forgiveness he spoke in another tongue (a heavenly language), he was then fully submerged in water.......click.
* Paul has held two ministerial credential cards/religious licenses as a recognised minister of the gospel of Jesus. He was first registered in the USA with a pentecostal church as (Rev/Honorary) in 1992. And then in the Philippines as a superintendent of the Australian branch of a worldwide ministry/pentecostal in 1996....with the laying on of hands from a christian Bishop (not RC) the elders and leadership of that church and sent out. Paul's calling is primarily to the body of the Christ (the church).

Neither of these credential cards remain today due to the grace of God and Paul's prayerful consideration and decision. Resulting in resignation from both church organisations. All of this and more, led to the establishing of JTCM in Australia as a non-denominational spirit led fellowship which majors in apologetics, teaching and preaching.......click
* All of the materials at JTCM are free from charge and readily available to genuine students of the holy bible and the public at large. JTCM always asks all readers, viewers and listeners of their material and web site to keep in mind the basics of the common copyright laws that are in place. For the Christ will judge the hearts of all on that great day, men and women alike......click.....click.  
* JTCM is solely run and maintained by the grace of God/Jesus through love offerings, no tithes are collected and no ministry monies is used for private use or upkeep of the Sheehan household, unless otherwise directed by the giver. Neither does JTCM peddle (sell) the word of God/Yah (in any format) for this would be lack of faith, even no faith in the great commissioner-Jesus the Christ as well as disobedience hence classified as sin, according to scripture........click
* JTCM resists the (tasty) calvinistic doctrine of 'absolute predestination' and the heretical 'one-ness' theology, the manifested sons of God theology and the promised land prosperity-$100million (per year) tele-evangelist theology sham also. All these plainly deny and defy established bible canon and all who submit to such fraudulent behaviour are no doubt blinded by the light of lucifer, satan himself.......click.
* JTCM holds a Sunday service with communion each week along with a mid-week bible teaching session specifically for bonafide disciples even as Jesus himself took his immediate disciples (the twelve) aside to him privately. When Paul is not holding services and writing he is preaching the Christ's message on the streets.....Acts 6:4  .....click.
* JTCM runs messages from the Sunday meet on their web site by streaming video and audio, fresh messages continually by the grace of God....click.
"Teaching the church of the living God/Yah, one message at a time"
Galatians 1:10, Luke 17:10......Click.....Click.....Click.


Postscript: When the word of Yahweh has come to a man it will be evident by his message, the anointing and the doctrine, no certificate is necessary or biblical.....Ephesians 4:11.