CRUSADE’ .. MAY .. 2013

Greetings Pastor Paul and Brethren..
Well, where do I start? ? .. The Lord definitely wanted his Message to get to these poor souls. This is a pic of brother Isara and Fernando, a guy that runs a Shuttle Bus Service for the Tourists in New Caledonia. He was charging $10 per person on the Bus and after brother Isara handed him his Testimony-Tract and Disc he was so grateful and rejoicing that he let 3 of us in free, thank you Jesus.

In Lifou (an Island not far away from New Caledonia). I was getting my hair braided and this guy told me that the lady (in the yellow top) wanted my T-Shirt (my JTCM-Ministry Shirt) and I turned around and asked her if she knew Jesus and she had this big smile on her face and said "yes!.. he is everything to me."

So I ran up to brother Isara who was holding the briefcase with the Gold-Discs/Literature and got some materials for her and she too was so happy to receive the Literature and Disc=Message. She said she was of the Assembly of God but we pray the Message -The Truth will be received. Unfortunately something happened to my camera by the time we got to Vanuatu so we weren’t able to capture the faces of the many Rejoicing Souls that were so glad to receive the literature and the Preaching on disc. They said to brother Isara to please bring more next time and he told them "If the Lord leads me back here, then you will see me again." and they were all saying amen.. amen.

I needed some jandals that day because it was so hot and would you believe it, they gave me the jandals for free and brother Isara smiled and said.. "See, the Lord provides". Awesome, here below is something we left inside a Roman Catholic Church in Lifou as a Love Offering (brother Isara’s Testimony).

However, we are glad to be back home, especially me, as I got sea sick on Thursday and Friday but we were both hanging out to get back and tell the brethren how we ran out of Literature and Discs. Brother Isara even got to Minister to a guy that was working on the Cruise Ship and he told us to meet him at the Theatre and Isara was Ministering to him while the Movie was on ha..ha…. J

Unbelievable, the guy was so grateful as he was a Sunday School Teacher, awesome. We also had the chance to give our Cabin Steward a tip, and on the envelope we wrote the JTCM-Mission Website and asked him to check it out and he said he would. We were so blessed to have this opportunity to Sow the Seeds of Truth.

Brother Isara also got convicted when he entered a Karaoke Competition and when he went up to sing some Elvis song something happened to his throat. He said to me, the Lord didn’t like him doing those worldly things. (as he was getting a lot of people coming up to him saying he had a nice voice etc) and we went straight to the Cabin that night opened up our bible and the Scripture was spot on that we read, Love it. Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow @ Church…
Praise God I’m back on land with our JTCM Shirts still on our backs …. :)
Father bless you all.
(Sister Roleta)

Brother Isara - Sister Roleta Nuuola
JTCM-Mission, Australia

So shall My Word be that goes forth out of my mouth:
it Shall Not return unto me void, but It Shall
Accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper
in the thing for which I sent it .. ref/Isaiah 55:11.