To all who are Genuinely looking for the Truth about Salvation … “Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed”?.. ref/Isaiah 53:1

I come from a background of Orthodox Samoan Church-Religion and my grand-dad was instrumental in Church-Planting but I never met with God-Lord Jesus until I came across ‘Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission’. A little independent fellowship-Church (outside the religious gate) that deals with major issues concerning the Saving of the Soul from Eternal Hell Fire on Christs Terms … ref/Hebrews 13:13 .. Click

I certainly Believed in Jesus from an early age but I never ‘Received’ Jesus as my Lord until I went to JTCM-Mission and it was there that I .. Repented of my Sins and was Baptised by the Pastor into ‘Christ Jesus’ .. death, buriel and resurrection … ref/Acts 2:38.

My Pastor has held two Religious Certificates as a Reverend (honorary) prior to his departure from Main Stream Religion and ‘he too’ came to see that unless we wilfully choose to lovingly .. Obey Messiah-Jesus the Christ .. we can never be His or Saved from Eternal Hell Fire .. ref/Matthew 10:32-42 .. Click

So what’s my message here ?.. “If you are genuine, Jesus will forgive you of all your Sins, cleanse you, deliver you and empower you against them on true repentance never having to return to them as a dog to the vomit or a pig to the mud ever again. Then you are able to go forward by faith-obedience, with joy unspeakable in perfect-peace all the way to Heaven and the Saving of your Soul to the Uttermost”.

Brother: Isara Nuuola