As a watchman in the house of God/Yah it is paramount that I complete my call and watch out for the souls that are in the kingdom of God and for those with sincere intentions of entering and remaining.
I am surely talking about the king of kings here - Jesus the Christ and his kingdom. The king who no man, woman or child can put under pressure for he is God

Ben Hinn and Myles Munroe are hell bent on their theology, doctrines and teachings regarding monies for the simple reason that is their only helper and power.....but the help of man is useless says the psalmist.

Mr. Munroe says without blushing, give $200 to Jesus the King and receive $400 in return. This will happen because when you give to a king he is obligated to give more ...says who?....where is that scripture?....maybe another word from the Bahamas

Even if it were true, does that go for people who have met Jesus and live in, love and go on in all kinds of sin under the guise of grace, love and mistakes?
● And does not the scripture say......Behold!......Your king is coming sitting on a donkey colt......John 12:15
Sitting on a donkey colt, a borrowed donkey colt. But the people said as per usual and it is no different today....."Away with him, crucify him for we have no king save Caesar. Caesar meaning money $$$., gold, silver and apparel."

Just like Mr. Munroe and Mr.Hinn with their mythical-millionaire-messiah who is obligated to sinners, sinner-saints and saints alike to do just as they demand, command or whatever they care to speak positive about. Wake up!....wake up!.....churches, before you find yourself in hell-fire crying out for one drop of water while leaving millions of dollars in bank accounts in the earth's

● A watchman in the house of Yah
● Pastor Paul Sheehan
● Unprofitable Servant
● Luke 17:10

P.S. Who's your king?......the donkey rider or Caesar?