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Letter ..3

  • Yes, the original twin-towers are down and will never rise again.

  • This society is finished and will never start again! Why?

  • Because only one thing remains - JUDGMENT!
    - God's judgment, for God is a God of judgment when people refuse to repent!


Our churches are no longer the conscience of any nation, having rejected God's revelation - the Bible, in preference to doctrines of devils;

Our schools have abandoned the truth for anti-god ‘scientific’ myth;

Our marriages are without sanctity, and alternative relationships acceptable, though depraved;

The family is without foundation and its true fabric destroyed;

Parents have fed their children with bad example, and abandoned them to the ultimate in demoralisation - the mass media;

Children are without a guide-post (except in the wrong direction);

Women don't know who they are, no more than men (and neither care to know);

Human-rights are self-rights;

Charity gives to a lost cause:

Sincerity seems unknown. Dubious motives are the norm.

Globalisation replaces God-to-all-nations;

Our legislators legislate perversion, or rather, mob-rule legislates moral rottenness;

We pay lip-service to peace like angels, and fight like devils;

We rule by force, not morality or the fear/love of God;

We preach 'judge not', but practice judgment;

We are wise as doves, and as harmless as serpents;

We put everybody else right except ourselves;

The mighty 'Dollar' remains our deciding factor;

The fruit and branch are as bad as the root is rotten;

The upper stories are collapsing, because the foundation is gone;

We consider ourselves wise and enlightened, when we deceive ourselves like an imbecile;

We think right is wrong and wrong is right, and that only bigots think otherwise;

Having nothing better to offer other cultures, we either condemn/bomb them, or join them - become multicultural. (What can heathens offer heathens?)

Having nothing better to offer other cultures, we either condemn/bomb them, or join them - become multicultural. (What can heathens offer heathens?)

  • In a word:

    Our leadership is corrupt;
    our legislature is corrupt;
    our education is corrupt;
    our mass media is corrupt.
    And above (or below) all, our church doctrine is corrupt and for all this 'my people love to have it so!'

    A 'God bless...' is pronounced on a country and therefore on its state-funded mass-murder; state legislated-for infant genocide, adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, pornography, financial exploitation, ecological destruction, and anti-god education.

  • Again, only one thing remains: JUDGMENT!
    'that is, if there is a God in heaven, and if He means what He says,

War, famine, disease, poverty, ignorance, inequality, political instability, economic chaos, lawlessness and disorder.... more and more out of control... just like JESUS said.... 'for we reap what we sow, for sure!’......

         While our churches still teach:
All roads lead to heaven, even the road marked 'Hell’!
Christ died that sin may live;
Salvation is synonymous with sin, and churchianity with Christianity;
Salvation is without repentance, and sin no longer damnable;
But above all 'Judge not!' (though Jesus said the opposite - except in the case of hypocrites)
And the love of God is tolerance of the devil;
And everything is tolerable, except what God says!

         Dear soul, why not give your life to God today and be saved?.. Matthew 10:1-42.

Brother: Donald Wilson