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Letter ..5

Learning to lean on Jesus.
... a non-conformist with a transformed mind .. Rom12:1,2.


THE FOLLOWING IS A LETTER OF REPLY TO ONE WHO RECEIVED LITERATURE AND VIDEO FROM ... JTCM .... there is much to be learnt even in a letter of reply, let us never restrict ourselves from receiving knowledge that makes for eternal life........ Brother Donald Wilson. 2 Corinthians 6:11,12.


  • reference, pastor Pauls material...

It was good to know of your appreciation.
Also re: that one point Hope mentioned: yes, he does go 'private' publically at times just like Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Jesus. Paul and John the beloved (3 John) as well as Luther, etc faithfully did, though unpopularly, but usually relating to facts already publically known. Do you want supporting material?

I admit that pastor Paul does not bear the sword in vain in such cases, in a way fairly uncommon/neglected today. Most ministries I know of, I don't doubt, might bear a sword to the extent of its handle but not the real blade ('the whole counsel of God'), or at worst, a blunt sword, or a one-edged sword.

  • A sword that actually divides soul (flesh) and spirit down to the joints and marrow (heart) is certainly a rare commodity, isn't it. How different to jointing them!

It is interesting to see that no one comes into brother's meetings and remains in sin, lukewarmness, hypocrisy or the likes - though he recognises and supports the weak. His discernment-gift sorts that out. Like Jesus, no one comes within a mile radius (as it were) without having their photo taken! ‘Whatsoever is light maketh ....... manifest.’

  • Unfortunately not everyone likes that.

As you know, when the Lord took my 'photo' (or should I say ‘x-ray’), it was when my change took place, for which I am eternally grateful.

So loves, I can understand a few questions arising in your minds, and it is good Hope that you shared it.

Also, I would agree, and brother would admit too, that sometimes the Lord's choices are 'rough diamonds'. And, let's face it, Aussies are rough!

  • Yes, brother is an Aussie to Aussies.

However, one positive I have noticed out of this is: you usually know where you stand with a person like that, and get the whole truth.

As brother says, it seems as though the Lord has left him with the dirty work to do, simply because so few else will do it (though they may do other things). (Brother has been known to go around the world to clean toilets in the house of God - surely an interesting parallel!)

I think we would agree that someone has to do this work, and that usually is what you call a 'prophet'.

Everyone of course loves and respects a prophet - in theory, or of 500 years ago, and garnish his sepulchre. But when he arrives in the flesh, he of course must expect the same treatment as those before him and at best, not expect a following. (Strictly speaking, a prophet is not a pastor or pastorial.)

Furthermore, I notice that a prophet actually pulls down more than what he builds up. At least he gets the foundation right for those who want to build on it.

I also notice that prophets come unannounced (except Jesus - unless prophetically), untrained, 'unqualified', unordained, undignified and unwanted.
And they are usually loners - a voice in the wilderness.
(I was reading only last night where Elijah did not even ride in Ahab's chariot, but ran before it. And I notice that it was 20 miles! - then 40 days and nights into the wilderness! Dear me! - I sure am not a prophet!)

Actually I find these points helpful for me as I write them.

  • I have enclosed a newsletter as an example of what I am saying N.L.. 122/God Save The Queen...

I don't think that many prophets escape without losing their necks - unless taken up in a chariot of fire! And then there is also a reproach for the takers.

I hope these points are helpful for you too.

Takes a bit of absorbing doesn't it - reorientating to. Most people of course never reorientate, which is the sad part, hiding behind such misquotes as 'Judge not'.

Didn't know I'd write this much.
So I'd recommend you finish brother's video when you can - possibly seeing it in a clearer light. He never speaks under one and a half hours - which goes like 30 mins.

..... Selah.