Life is unsolicited and even unorthodox yet the greatest learning is found there by the hand of Almighty God - Jesus. We never should give any praise for men and women's religions but always accredit every second to the beautiful one.....Jesus The Christ!.....Revelation 1:18

(Whether that be in tears or in joy, he, Jesus, wants you to partake of his holy character, for there is no other place to live for saints neither shall he, Jesus, be found outside of the arena of holiness).....Hebrews 12:10.......(click here now).

Has christendom fallen so low as to accredit satan a mere fallen angel as the creator, owner and controller of all things. The devil, as he always had to do, must (still today) go to Father and ask permission to work his works of evil.......Job 2:9, 10.

Not to mention the tower of Siloam
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Isaiah 54:16
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NOTE: Isaiah was very bold and said this...........I was found by those who did not seek me I was made manifest to those who did not ask for me...............Romans 10:20, 2 Peter here.
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