Methods of Men and Women.

(the ways of men and women seem right but lead to death-
seems means: apparent but not in reality)

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Black minister fishes for whites with silver

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A BLACK Baptist minister in Shreveport, Louisiana, whose 5000-member church consists almost entirely of Afro-Americans, has offered a bribe to white people to come and attend his services.
    For the month of August, white folks who attend services at the Greenwood Acres
Full Gospel Baptist Church will receive $5 per hour on Sundays and $10 per hour on
    The minister is hoping to diversify his congregation with the offer, saying that "Jesus said that we're to fish for men. I'm just using money to fish with".
   He also added that the offer does not apply to Hispanics, Asians, or other ethnic groups who wish to join his church.
   "I'm only paying for white folks in August," he said.
  • Wednesday August 27/2003 - Coffs Coast Advocate
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Methodists hit the pubs

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LONDON.(AAP) - After years of teetotalism, Britain's Methodist church has hit the pubs. The church, which does not even allow wine at communion services, has had 250,000 drink mats printed for distribution in watering holes across Britain.

Designed to appeal to young drinkers, they carry slogans such as  'stop war', 'reduce emissions' and 'never give out your password' to promote a church competition to think up an 11th commandment.

Drinkers under 40 will be able to phone or text in their suggestions and the best five will each win a mobile phone with a camera.
"We hope people will collect the drink mats and postcards, and use the quick popular medium of text messaging to tell us their ideas," Rev Jonathan Kerry said.
  • Saturday March 6/2004 - Coffs Coast Advocate

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clickblueyello.gif (1676 bytes) Sent in by Paul Contempree Coffs Harbour NSW. Australia