Paul, I once admired you for your Convictions
and defended you to countless of your Detractors.
But I now have to say your views are Tiresome, Bigoted, Offensive and above all - Without Fact.

Please, as Christians, we learn to put up with each one's views- even yours! But try to stay focused and ‘Speak the Truth’ ..... not from the Word- "as Paul sees it."

I am (Roman) Catholic and very, very Proud and was once a Protestant until I saw the Light. No one not even your Slanted views are going to change that.

I find you are becoming more and more Offensive with your posts.

Mr Cameron Auld
Roman Catholic – Prison Chaplin….. Brisbane


Comment by Pastor: Paul Sheehan .. Here is the Offensive Post which apparently has no Facts .. that Mr Auld the Proud Roman Catholic is crying about … …….. CLICK