Here we have a man who was, unsaved, sick and very depressed with no man of God to help him although there were RC Churches, Pentecostal and Evangelical Churches all around. But Father knows all things and he knows those who are his, regardless to where they dwell worldwide. So Father sent a man of God from Australia to introduce him to the healer, deliverer, the saviour and the Just one-Jesus the Christ. His wife and the other peoples in these photos were also introduced to the Christ......were born-again and healed, delivered from despair and blessed with Messianic Blessing......the blessing of Him - Yahweh. The lady with the glasses looked after my wife (child - minded) at times when she was a child in the Philippines (has now received her reward) and the sun-burnt man is my mother-in-laws brother. How wonderful it is to minister to peoples who have faith and kick not against the bonafide Word/doctrine of the Christ. Great joy struck the whole dwelling that day. Salvation surely came to this house and found sons of Abraham waiting to be enrolled in grace through faith in the faith......Ephesians 2:8....Selah.

These dear souls will be part with JTCM Philippines in 2010.....sheep who now have a shepherd, a man who is able, capable and available to feed them understanding and knowledge by holy ghost power in the simplicity of the Christ's Doctrine.....Jeremiah 3:15.

The spirit of Yahweh has empowered me to preach the Gospel/Doctrine of the Christ to the poor!

Pastor Paul Sheehan/Saint
27th December 2009