Penny - Costal - Bingo Classes
(with Steve Munsey and Ben Hinn)

Are you looking for double your points, play BEN GO!......Today!
Have you got money on your mind $$$$ ???

A mysterious secret was to be unleashed by Steve Munsey a US charlatan and close friend of Ben Hinn. This show they put on for the international public was nothing short of perfectly corrupt, perfectly deceptive and perfectly displays the true heart of Mr. Munsey and Mr.

Mr. Munsey's subject matter was the number.....'7'.....

Munsey said it was history in the making, he was referring to his revelation that was only basic information twisted and turned around to line his own and Hinn's pocket with the money of gullible professing christians who read not their bible or do it.

Mr. Munsey's Appeal was yet again, as usual, money $$$ for a Mr. Hinn whose luxury lifestyle is needing ongoing servicing and upkeep.

● I quote Mr. Munsey......

"Send $77 / US X 3 / per person in each household and it will be doubled back to you.......

God has spoken, you will get double. In the name of Jesus Christ go to that phone now!....Now!.......lord dispatch the angels now to deal with this, it's activated!'s activated!.....thank you lord".
Ben cuts in then and the bells start donging in the background while Ben re-assures the public that your money is guaranteed and safe in his hands.

Just another signs and wonders teaching. A wonder Munsey and Hinn can sleep and it's no wonder that Hinn packs body-guards, guard dogs and hangs angel keyrings on his door knob. I gather all of this plus fortified -mansions all add up to that wonderous 'faith' statement of all, all americans (including pagans and roman catholics)....."In God We All Trust"

And how's this one.....'Seminary' Training Courses for Spiritual Counselors (at a price of course $$$) Love.

Warning and Teaching
Pastor Paul Sheehan
1 Corinthians 4:11-13.

May 2007