Matthew 28:20
On Sunday 21/Jan/2007 I took the opportunity to attend a particular church recommended to me (as biblical) and the following observations were made.........

As I entered the main hall foyer area I was superficially greeted by a man on the door. I was 30min early yet while I was waiting for the service to start not a single person spoke to me or greeted me in any way, I guess I didn't look (cool) the part.

There was an ATM in the foyer area as well as a shop for purchasing a wide/broad range of books and literature, some which no doubt promoted their own cause for a price $$$$....click.

On entering the main hall I was faced by 'five' large screens which were pumping out rock music and commercial adverts. I thought I entered a rock n' roll concert or Hoyt's Theatre.

The service was initiated with about 30min of rock n' roll with the people mumbling the words, things were uncertain.

This was followed with a message by someone who was not the pastor of the church. He was congratulating the church for its recognition of musical achievements and assorted activities by magazines and various organisations of the world, along with a host of other irrelevant churched matters and happenings.

The pastor took the communion and his belief was that communion was for the purpose of connecting with God (sounds a little RC). While the pastor gave his preamble I noticed a female in front of me irreverently dipping her bread into the wine and nibbling on it......click.

The tithe was taken up at this stage, there was no message yet. I think the idea here was to get the tithe before people started to wander. Later on you could see people trickling out of the door due to boredom I guess.

Joyce Meyer was referenced at this point as if she was some sort of a god/goddess, the praises of her were seemingly endless. She appears to be the pastoral standard (God help us) for these type of churches, after all she is a multi-millionaire.

The pastor finally spoke and gave a message on 'fruitful christianity' while managing very skillfully not to offend anyone at anytime during his speech, especially with that bible word, hell. The word 'hell' must be a no - no in this church. While the pastor spoke (supposedly under the anointing) people were chatting away gladly with one another. The overall message was out of text, distorted and incomplete.

The pastor said of the parable of 'the man and his talents', that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. What he meant by that is anyone's guess. You can be assured money was at the root, with a Mrs. Meyer (amplified bible) prosperity, paraphrase, mixed in for good measure, all because 'God is Love'.

This pastor spoke also about degrees of salvation, such as....if you lived a fruitful - christian - life you will be received by God as a "good and faithful servant". If you did not produce the fruits of the spirit, you would still be saved but you would only "just scrape in" i.e., your name was on the bottom of the list in the Lambs Book of Life. The whole message smelt of Joyce Meyer......click

And finally, the straw that broke the camel's back was, when they had prayer time people were on walkabout and heading for the door with not the slightest respect for almighty God or that he was even there. I don't believe he was, so this accounts for the walkabout event.....Revelation 3:20.

This church was Citipointe Church/COC Mansfield. I didn't realise this was a pentecostal church (as they call them) but I am glad I went, because I have now experienced for myself, first hand, the ways of this religion of men and women. A true exercise in Laodecian Life.

I must say that this church is far away from the teaching of 'the Jesus' of the holy bible. And what Pastor Paul Sheehan has said about this type of church over the years is accurate and truthful down to the last detail....Ephesians 4:21.

I saw it all with my own eyes (signs and wonders indeed)
Brother Brennan Finighan
Luke 12:56, John 7:17

PS.. The first time I had ever heard of Pastor Paul Sheehan/JTCM was when I was working on a computer (I work in the 'IT' sphere), three floors up on a Brisbane City Block and I heard him preaching on the street below. So I went to the man after I had finished my job, partook of his message and have been supporting his ministry ever since......click.