Could the Reverend C. H. Spurgeon in all honesty truly say that he (although deceased) has, had the right to say such a thing (as above) while at the same time, this very same man Taught and Preached .. Salvation by Election otherwise known as … ‘Once Saved Always Saved’.

I find this a Contradiction and Deceiving. Because when you read Mr Spurgeon’s writings you will find dotted hither and thither falsity, error, compromise and wideness. A Gospel that is by ‘Grace Alone’ and not the true Salvation Gospel Message of the Christ which is … ‘ Salvation by Grace through Faith’. Meaning that the Soul who desires to be Saved from Eternal Hell Fire must play their part in this great transformation of the Human Being from Sinner to Saint through Faith-Obedience … ref/ Ephesians 2:8, 1 Peter 1: 5.
C.H. Spurgeon: Mark! "All that the Father giveth Me shall come to Me." Not one of those whom the Father hath given to Jesus shall perish. If any were lost, the text would have to read: "Almost all," or, "All but one;" but it positively says "All," without exception; even though one may have been, in his unregenerate state, the very chief of sinners. Yet even that chosen one, that given one, shall come to Jesus; and when he has come, ‘he shall be held by that strong love that at first chose him’, and he shall never be let go, but shall be held fast, even unto the end.
Did you hear what Mr Spurgeon said?.. Yes, Mr Spurgeon’s Message is ‘Once Saved Always Saved’. Spurgeon preached .. only part scripture.. e.g: ‘Kept by the Power-Love of God’… ref/Romans 8:1 .. Click

Were the truth be told, we are ..’Kept by the Power of God through Faith-Obedience’ .. there is a lot of difference here, wouldn’t you say. In Mr Spurgeon’s teaching, the human being is not held accountable or even in the equation, this makes ample room for the Sinner to remain a Sinner (living continuously in known Sin) and deluded into thinking that they are Heaven Bound. But actually Hell Bound, singing, ‘Amazing Grace’ all the way… ref/Romans 11:22, Hebrews 5:9, 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9.
Mr. Spurgeon says that “Discernment is not the difference of knowing Right from Wrong but it is Knowing the difference between Right and Almost Right”.
Let me finish my critique by saying that Mr C.H. Spurgeon/Theologian (deceased renown Baptist to the core) is Nearly-Almost Right but Wrong, his teaching doesn’t line up with that of the Christ Jesus. So close but yet so far, Charles has fallen victim to his own quote… ref/Luke 8:21.


Pastor: Paul Sheehan
JTCM-Mission, Australia ..
‘Our Mission is the Word’…. ref/Acts 6:4, John 4:44.

Postscript ....."No soul for whom Jesus died for ‘As a Substitute’ can ever be cast into Hell"... Charles Haddon Spurgeon .. (please read Matthew 7:13,14 .. Romans 11:22, Hebrews 3:12-15) .. Click

Q.. Didn't Jesus die for All Sinners?.. so there will not be one Sinner in Eternal-Hell-Fire. But don't forget Spurgeon was a prized British Baptist Theologian and Calvinist.

Satan and Mrs Genetics love (appreciate) men and women blaming them for their Wilful-Sinful-Lives. It declares them as Lord, Jesus Word Powerless and a Lie, the Guilty Innocent even Holy and Acceptable as they boldly proclaim ‘Jesus is Lord' with their lips, sing aloud ‘Amazing Grace’ and proudly Build and Multiply their 'Religious Mega Social Clubs' that have been Predestined to the Fires of Hell by Jesus the Christ's very own Word/Doctrine.....Lord!...Lord!.. What?... ref/Luke 6:46.