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Harley Hitchcock of ABM - Mt Gravatt, Qld, Aust.

  • Here is one of their preposterous claims .....Australian Bible Ministries likes to help people sort truth from error; our final authority is the King James Bible...

Note: Pastor Paul Sheehan's critique of the 'ABM Salvation Teaching' is in bold blue print....ref/Jude 1:3,4.......22.11.2011.

As we look at this lame example of Christos-theology we quickly see that it absolutely reeks of Calvinism/Grace Alone theory, lies and outright twisted translation of perfectly straight bible script.....talk about lying in wait to deceive, crikey!.....(Amazing Grace the Soul Saving Sound/Song)......

In fact, the entire 50 excuses have not one dot of relevance to the subject at hand. Although much scripture is used, not one of the scriptures used by ABM justify 'absolute predestination'.....'once saved always saved'......'salvation by election' or the heading of this article. We are in the last days for sure, with many false proclaimers at our doors........

Harley Hitchcock, the man behind this theological mess is an X Psychologist (and a one time friend of the deceased bible teacher/ Barry Smith of New Zealand) who came out of a Pentecostal setting and in angry-disgust began to look to his own intellect, street-preaching manuals, how to use religious-tracts and unreliable error-filled historical man made facts, for the translation of bible-scripture and don't forget the 'how to study the bible' course. No doubt arriving at a 'Calvinistic View Point' which he says isn't Calvinistic. It's best to look to holy ghost....you are either called-anointed to do the job or you're not and whether you believe it or not it is written that holy ghost will guide us/the saints not instruction manuals of degenerates.....ref/John 16:13, 14, Ephesians 4:1, John 3:27.

Harley and his wife Susan fellowshipped at JTCM-Mission some years back but moved on rather suddenly and you can see why as you read this article, chalk and cheese you could say......

Every person that we have seen leave JTCM-Mission always ended up
shipwrecked, in one way or another. One bloke went to the Jehovah Witnesses, some went to Sabbath and Tithe clubs, others to Roman Catholicism and one husband and wife went to sit under the authority of a female - pentecostal - pastor.

Marvel not, for it is written that the whole of Asia turned from, left St. Paul of Tarsus high and dry, the man who wrote two-thirds of the NT scriptures...very interesting......MMMM......ref/2 Timothy 1:15.

Anywhere will do,, as long as the sayings are not so (biblical) hard and demanding.

Most, usually gravitate to the wide-easy road of the "Once Saved Can Not Be Lost' Camp. The religious Baptist Dens are a real favourite of the backslider, they have those easy listening Sunny Sunday Sermons happening. Their only other option is the World....strange hey, not really, perfectly scriptural actually, prophetic. Jesus spoke of great apostasy in the last days, even though Calvinism teaches otherwise.......ref/2 Timothy 4:3, 4, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12, John 6:60-66.

Apparently even the writer of that well loved Hymn...'Rock of Ages'.....Augustus Montague Toplady......turned, backslid to Calvinism, apostatised in the end too, sad isn't it, well he was an Anglican at heart after all.

Yes, Toplady ended up bitterly harassing Wesley for his belief without ceasing but Wesley came back with a rather appropriate word for Toplady I thought, which was ..."Wesley told a friend that he would not fight with 'chimney-sweepers', as he called Toplady. I leave him to Mr. Sellon. He cannot be in better hands!"....

Which is a perfect name for all Calvinists and all those who are Calvinists but don't like to be known as, seen as or admit they are Calvinists....'Chimney Sweepers'. Satan is very clever but no match for holy-script, the doctrine of the Christ.

  1. ETERNAL LIFE IS ETERNAL.....John 3:15, 10:28, Romans 6:23, 1 John 2:25, 5:1, 5:13, etc; By definition eternal means never ending. Once a believer has eternal life it can never be taken away. If it could be it would not be eternal..... Yes, eternal life is eternal life and people can forfeit it.....God doesn't take it and neither did the devil take it from Eve, she gave it to him on a platter, spiritual death being her wage because of her taste buds, pride and power hungry heart..........ref/Genesis 3:6.
  2. EVERLASTING LIFE IS EVERLASTING.......Daniel 12:2;  John 3:16, 3:36, 5:24, 6:40, 6:47.....Romans 6:22; etc; Likewise everlasting life can never end. It is everlasting regardless of the ....believer's behaviour.......Why does Romans 11:22 say that we can be cut off from his eternal-vine as were the original branches/jews, God shows no partiality to race, status or gender.......ref/Romans 9:27.
  3. IT IS GOD'S WILL.....John 6:39; It is God's will that Christ lose none of those who come to Him...... Exactly, I believe that with all my heart...but what is your will, the person's will?....is it 'thy' will be done?....sorry, Calvinists have no will, whoops...ref/Joshua 24:15....You choose?....Who Me?.....Can I Really?
  4. HEAVEN IS RESERVED FOR HIM.....1 Peter 1:4; An inheritance is heaven is reserved for the believer..... I hope so and I believe so but what exactly is a believer...let me tell you....a doer of the word/doctrine of the Christ of course....ref/Luke 6:46, John 3:16.
  5. SALVATION (INHERITANCE) IS INCORRUPTIBLE....1 Peter 1:4; No one can corrupt something God has made incorruptible...... It is simply amazing what sin can do...sin breaks covenants and kills relationships according to scripture, just ask Adam and Eve....ref/1 Corinthians 6:8-11, Romans 6:23.
  6. SALVATION (INHERITANCE) CANNOT BE DEFILED....1 Peter 1:4; No one can defile something which God says cannot be defiled.... So why does God say that we must keep our garments clean?.......ref/Ephesians 5:27.
  7. HE IS SEALED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT.....Ephesians 1:13; No power in Heaven or earth can break God's seal.......... Were the Laodecian Church members/saints sealed and the saints who did not overcome in....ref/Revelation 3:16; Revelation 3:5?
  8. HE IS SEALED UNTO THE DAY OF REDEMPTION......Ephesians 4:30; The believer is sealed until the day God redeems his body....... Yeh?... what does Hebrews 10:29 say?
  9. HOLY SPIRIT WILL ABIDE FOREVER.....John 14:16-17; The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is permanent..... Yes, Holy Ghost is permanent but are we, this is the whole entire debate......ref/Hebrews 3:12-14.
  10. HE IS PRESERVED FOREVER......Psalm 37:28; God preserves the saint forever......Preserved for ever on the Christ's Terms/Doctrine.. yes.....ref/Luke 8:21, John 15:2.
  11. HE IS BORN OF GOD.....John 1:12-13......The believer actually becomes God's child and cannot be "unborn"...... But we can become aliens once again....ref/Jeremiah 2:21, Galatians 4:8-11.
  12. HE IS A NEW CREATURE....2 Corinthians 5:17; God has made the believer a new creature and no one can "uncreate" him... No, we do that to ourselves, once again planted most-noble but turning alien....ref/Jeremiah 2:21.
  13. HE IS CREATED IN CHRIST JESUS.....Ephesians 2:10; The saint was created in his Saviour...... Yes, but look at what John says, look at what can happen...do we turn a blind eye to this?....ref/John 15:2.
  14. HE IS PRESERVED UNTO THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM......2 Timothy 4:18; The believer is preserved like Paul since God is no respecter of persons...... But St. Paul kept-obeyed the faith/doctrine, so he said.....something that ABM says is not a necessity for salvation....ref/2 Timothy 4:6-8.
  15. HE IS KEPT BY THE POWER OF GOD.....1 Peter 1:5; Since God is keeping him, the believer cannot fall from salvation... You left out half the scripture Harley, was that deliberate?....and you reckon you can't fall from salvation, so what do these scriptures say...ref/1 Peter 1:5, Hebrews 2:3, Jude 1:24.
  16. CHRIST HAS PRAYED FOR HIM.......John 17:11; Jesus prayed that God would keep all who He had given Him....... God keeps all who willfully want to be kept, however many turn back willfully for all kinds of selfish, temporary and carnal reasons.....ref/John 15:2, John 6:66-69.....(the script says that these branches were 'in' the Christ).
  17. WORKS CANNOT AFFECT HIS SALVATION.....Romans 11:6; Salvation is not gained by works, so it cannot be lost by works....... There are the Churches and there is 'The Church' as there are works and there are works...works/deeds and works/first works-obedience to the Christ-First Love. Which the Ephesians Saints had to turn back to or they would be finished with the Christ...ref/Titus 1:16, Revelation 2:5..... (a lamp stand removed can only mean a fire in the house, representative of hell or their light stubbed out, darkness representing hell).
  18. HIS FAITH IS COUNTED FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS......Romans 4:5; It is faith which brings salvation to a believer..... Faith is a substance that produces obedience on application and the disobedient are faithless hence cut off.....ref/Hebrews 11:6, Romans 11:20-23.
  19. NOTHING CAN SEPARATE HIM FROM THE LOVE OF CHRIST...Romans 8:38-39; Nothing material, immaterial, past, present or future can separate a believer from Christ's love...... Exactly, nothing  or nobody but us, Sin separates, just ask Adam, Eve, Judas, The Prodigal Son and all those ministers and born-agains who 'once' used to attend church, preach on streets and run churches who do it no more but have been carried away by unbelief, through the deceitfulness of sin....ref/Hebrews 3:12-15.
  20. SALVATION IS OF THE LORD....Jonah 2-9: Salvation is all God's work. He bought it and provided it..... Most certainly, salvation belongs to Jesus the Christ only, but we, as the scriptures say must consider the cost of discipleship and the goodness and severity of God. We also must be 'doers' of the Word lest we be self-deceived....ref/Matthew 10: 34-42, Romans 11:22, James 1:22, 1 Timothy 4:16.
  21. GOD IS ABLE TO KEEP HIM....2 Timothy 1:12; The believer's salvation rests on God's omnipotent ability to keep him...... Saints are kept by grace through faith....God's Power through...Faith-Obedience...ref/1 Peter 1:5; 1 Timothy 4:16.
  22. HE IS PROMISED NOT TO COME INTO CONDEMNATION.....John 5:24; This promise would be broken if even one believer fell into eternal condemnation...
    There is no such a promise in the bible for those who walk after the flesh in known sin....ref/Romans 8:1.
  23. HE IS PROMISED TO NEVER PERISH.....John 10:27-28; Every saint has an unconditional promise to never perish..... No, only the believer (the doer of the word) will never perish, if we do not continue on in the faith/doctrine of the Christ we will without remedy perish, there are conditions....ref/John 3:16, Romans 11:22, Luke 8:21.
  24. HE WILL NEVER BE CAST OUT....John 6:37; Under no condition will any believer be cast out from Christ or Heaven........ That's not what Jesus says Harley....ref/Matthew 5:13, Revelation 3:16.
  25. ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO HIM.....Romans 8:28; It would not be good for one to lose his salvation........You are leaving out scripture again.....Things only ever work together for good for those who love/obey the Lord...ref/Romans 8:28.
  26. HE IS IN CHRIST'S HAND.....John 10:28; The believer is in his Saviours hand.... Yes, just like those of Hebrews 3:12-15.....Selah.
  27. HE IS IN THE FATHER'S HAND.....John 10:29-30; The saint is in his heavenly Father's hand.......... As I just said .....ref/Hebrews 3:12-15
  28. HE IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, A SHEEP.....John 10:27-28; A sheep represents a saved person and cannot change from being one..... Says who?...ref/Jeremiah 2:21, Matthew 7:21-23.
  29. GOD'S MERCY NEVER ENDS....Titus 3:5; The believer is saved by God's mercy and it endures forever (Psalm 136)... Just because God's mercy endures forever, it doesn't mean it will endure with all forever.

    I don't know anything of God that doesn't endure forever, do you?...God shows mercy to whom he wills and when he wills and he will not put up with men and women's antics forever, saved or unsaved......ref/Romans 9:18, Genesis 3:6.
  30. GOD CANNOT LIE....Titus 1:2; Once God has saved a believer, he cannot go back on His word..... Amen!!!....God does not go back on his word but humans have a habit of disobedience even after God has empowered them to overcome, how much more greater punishment is due that one.......ref/Hebrews 10:28, 29.
  31. HIS SINS ARE GONE FOREVER......Psalm 103:12; Micah 7:19; Isaiah 38:17, 44:22; Hebrews 10:17; The saints sins are gone...... I firmly believe that all repented sin is removed forever but not the unrepented stuff. Repent means to depart from absolutely, only then are we forgiven....ref/Luke 24:47.
  32. HE SHALL BE LIKE CHRIST....1 John 3:2; It is a certainty that the believer will be like Christ.... Saints are never like the Christ when they walk in known sin, that is deception, to be like the Christ is to walk in the Light-Doctrine of the Christ up to the light/knowledge one has.....ref/1 John 2:6.
  33. GOD SEES HIM AS ALREADY GLORIFIED.....Romans 8:30; The saint is as good as....glorified in God's sight.....Is that why he said, warned his peoples, saints, that he is returning for a spotless-church-bride-wife and that we must be counted worthy when he comes and to sort out your salvation in fear and trembling?.....ref/Matthew 24:44, Luke 21:36.
  34. HE IS BORN OF INCORRUPTIBLE SEED....1 Peter 1:23; The Christian's new birth was from incorruptible seed.....This is why there can be no excuse for willful-known-sin but this is no guarantee of eternal salvation.....ref/Luke 8:21, 2 Peter 2:21.
  35. HE WILL APPEAR WITH CHRIST IN GLORY.....Colossians 3:4; The saint is promised to appear with Christ when He returns.... The saint will but not the sinner-saint but the overcomer .. the one that seeks the things above and the one who sets their mind on the things above.....not the covetous, the unclean, evil and idolatrous......ref/Colossians 3:5.
  36. HE IS HIDDEN IN CHRIST.......Colossians 3:3; The believer is dead to the world and alive in Christ.... Well this is the plan but many choose not to die to the world and self and live for the Christ who died for them, this is not salvation but damnation for them....all because they are told once saved always saved...the Christian has no part in his own salvation, it's all done and dusted at the beginning of our new-life experience...it's all God's doing, as if HE was the one being saved....what hog wash. As I said earlier the 50 reasons given here are totally void of any sane proof of 'absolute predestination'....ref/2 Corinthians 5:15.
  37. HE IS DEAD TO AND FREED FROM SIN....Romans 6:2-7; Sin can no longer affect the saint's destiny. He is freed from it..... This is what scripture says but this scripture doesn't support 'absolute predestination'...it actually smashes it with its unconditional grants. We are not free from sin if we continue in sin, we are deceived....ref/Romans 6:14, 20-23.
  38. THE LORD IS NOW PRAYING FOR HIM....Hebrews 7:25; The Lord is presently interceding in the believer's behalf....Although God intercedes for the saints this gives no guarantee of salvation... God does intercede for his saints but the scripture says we must come His-Way-Doctrine for this to happen.....ref/Hebrews 7:25.
  39. GOD WILL FINISH WHAT HE STARTED.....Philippianes 1:6; God began the work of salvation and will finish it..... Yes, this is what God wants but few be they that allow him to finish them off....most despair Messiah's chastening-doctrine, hence forfeit their salvation, crown of life....ref/Hebrews 12:3-11.
  40. HE HAS ETERNAL REDEMPTION....Hebrews 9:12; Every believer has been eternally.....redeemed from his sins.....All believers (doers of the Word) have eternal and daily redemption from their sins on repentance up to the light-knowledge one has.....ref/John 8:30-36.
  41. HIS LIFE IS CHRIST'S LIFE.....Colossians 3:4; The saints life is Christ's very own life, so how could it be lost?......Just look at what John said of disciples who were...in the Christ.....ref/John 15:2.
  42. HE HAS AN EVERLASTING COVENANT WITH GOD......Hebrews 13:20; God made a covenant to give the saint everlasting life.....This is correct but on the Christ's Terms-Doctrine....ref/1 Timothy 4:16.
  43. HE IS KEPT FROM FALLING BY CHRIST.....Jude 24; A Christian cannot fall from grace because Christ is keeping him..... So why did Jesus say that the Ephesian-Saints had 'fallen' and committed great sin?......and needed to repent or else.....ref/Revelation 2:5.
  44. SALVATION IS A FREE GIFT....Romans 6:23; A free gift is given with no conditions... It never cost me anything to receive the gifts of Grace-Power and Faith to enable me to Obey my Master-Jesus but we are told to count the 'cost' of following Jesus the Christ....ref/Luke 9:57-62.
  45. HE HAS IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS.....Romans 4:6-7; The righteousness the saint has is Christ's perfect righteousness.... God does not justify the unrepentant ungodly.....ref/Romans 4:5.
  46. HE IS A PART OF CHRIST.....Ephesians 5:30; Every believer is a part of Christ's body "Bone of His Bone"...... True but the church/saints must be subject-obey the head-the Christ-their Husband to whom they were betrothed in order to be the manifested sons of God......insubordinates will not enter the Kingdom of God......ref/Ephesians 5:24.
  47. CHRIST IS THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF HIS SALVATION.....Hebrews 12:2; Christ began and will finish his salvation.....Yes, Messiah is with us all the way but the question still remains....are we with him?....ref/Matthew 24:13, John 6:66.
  48. HE HAS BEEN PREDESTINATED TO BE CONFORMED TO CHRIST'S IMAGE...Romans 8:29; After salvation the believer is predestinated.....Predestined yes. but not 'absolutely-predestined' but predestined on Messiah's Terms-Doctrine......ref/1 John 2:3-6.
  49. CHRIST'S BLOOD HAS MADE PEACE FOR HIM....Colossians 1:20; The saint has peace with God through the blood.... Once again the scripture here does not guarantee salvation for unrepenant-sinners neither is it any sound reason why a saint can not lose/forfeit their salvation.....there must be faith-obedience to the Word of God.....ref/Romans 5:1-5.
  50. THE BIBLE WAS WRITTEN SO HE COULD BELIEVE AND KNOW.....1 John 5:13; The saint can know he HAS ETERNAL SALVATION......This is magnified on faith-obedience to Messiah's Word only, holy ghost gives no witness to contrary belief, for he is the spirit of Truth-The Christ....ref/John 16:13, 14.

    For more information on the devil's doctrine, the other Jesus, the other spirit and the other doctrine......'Once Saved Always Saved'....'Absolute Predestination'........Spurgeonism or Tozerism or Murrayism or Huntism or Bunyanism or Ray Comfortism or Humanism....ref/2 Corinthians 11:1-4.....please contact:
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PS....As you can see clearly here, not one true biblically bonafide reason was given by ABM to prove a person cannot forfeit their salvation.....not one.....but ABM say there are 50, this is a lie and no liar will enter the Kingdom of God........says the infallible scriptures of God.....Jesus the Christ......ref/Revelation 21:8, Ephesians 4:21.......click.

Note: Many have said over the centuries that this subject has divided the Church but the Church can never divide the Church......can light divide light?.....However, the Remnant will be divided from the 'Christendom-One World Church-The Ecumenical Church' and this is what Father wants.....ref/2 Corinthians 6:11-18, 1 Peter 2:9.

His Own Special Peoples.....If you're not special, you're on special-cheap. And if you're not sold out for Jesus you're up for sale and Satan is a big bidder, yes he is always cashed-up and ready to buy.....ref/Eve/apostate, Esau/apostate, Judas/apostate. Balaam (of  Beor) the apostate, Simon the Sorcerer........Selah.

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