Servants and Soldiers

.....unto death.

Servants and soldiers, ambassadors in chains
As I ponder on the calling that's been
placed upon my name.....

The road ahead looks hopeless
Totally out of my reach
Nothing that I would choose
But what he chose for me

Looks like another Jebu has been placed
before my feet
But I know with the master I've got the
More than overcomers, Jesus said we'd be.........

The road may be narrow full of death and
defeat might be like a water well full of
stench and steep
More than a conqueror Jesus said to me....

So let's put on the armour and let's put  off defeat
Let's go into battle we've got the victory

Servants and soldiers, ambassadors in chains.

Bible ref/2 Samuel 4:6-10, 1 Thessalonians 5:24
Date: Early 1989

Unprofitable Servant
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Colossians 2:15