G'day Pastor Paul,
it's Jai from Wollongong….
I am sure you would not forget me as you Baptised me in the pool at the Lion’s Den (Lions Club Association Hall) down at Kingston, Brisbane. I was at your Church in 1999 at Clifton Street, Milton, Brisbane with Brother Russell and company.

You know I really enjoyed the time with you in Brisbane and it brings back fond memories.

I really enjoy when you tell of going out on the Street and what happens out there. When I came back from your Church in 1999, I went out on the Streets by myself. Then I wasted 8 years chasing after a girl that was wrong for me and Sinned.

However I met another girl and got married in December 2011 and my wife is now pregnant, praise God!

Pastor Paul, I respect you as a Man of God and a Preacher. I am back out on the streets again once or twice a week, I go out for two hours at a time. However Most Churches don't support Street Preaching or even handing out Tracts, they think it is not relevant, I think they suppose they can OUTSELL the Master.

Sometimes when I go out, I get people especially women (that call themselves Christian) abusing me for not Preaching the Love of God, saying "I can't believe you are saying what you’re saying."

I have old people telling me I am a "Silly Man" and a "Deluded Fool" and people tear up my Tracts in my face and the list goes on. I had a woman the other day yell out .. "Stop Being So Narrow Minded!"..

You get a real feel for the Current Spiritual Climate when you’re on the streets.

My desire is to one day be out there 6 days a week and then rest for a day. But even being out there for just two hours is sometimes exhausting, pouring yourself out to people. Sometimes when I come back I’m drained of energy.

Hope you are well and I hope to hear from you, I look forward to reading your email. Regards .. Jai Boss