(Galatians 4:16, 2 Corinthians 5:16)

After copping such a religious pounding back in the month of December 2006 regarding the Santy Season, Christmas as many waywards care to call it, I found it true to the Christ and his message of truth that I pen this letter. Let us all look at this small (but mammoth) truth as a 'companion' to our Santy Season Newsletter....."Professing to be wise they became fools!.....Romans 1:18-32, click.

When considering 'Christmas' ref/the birth of messiah we need to ask the question, do we find any one or two ministers of the Christ, Paul, Peter, Matthew, Luke or John the beloved of Christ reminiscing, celebrating, teaching, upholding or establishing a particular day or season when the Christ Child's Birth was to be worshipped or praised or marketed?

There is not one thread of evidence where any such thing (took place) happened anywhere in the NT involving the NT disciples of the Christ. I say this with the exception of those that many religious ones call 'the divines'

● The men and women of the centuries after the original apostolic men died. But are we to take the word of the holy bible or the so called 'Divines' (who followed spuriously later on)????...good question....2 Timothy 1:12.

I believe if we are to walk in the light as He/The Christ is in the light we will check and see if it is so, written and if it is part of the doctrine of the Christ, is this not what the 'bereans' done?......Acts

You would think that if these so called christians (of the world) were so hell bent on upholding their non-scriptural season (which was only but one day in reality, the birth day of the messiah) they would give 'all' the monies and the presents to the poor. After all when we give to the poor we give to the Lord Jesus and the gifts are supposedly for him aren't they or are they?

I find that this man and woman made season is but yet another exercise in heresy, mammon/gain, self-esteem and public relations (one-world) which never did enter the pure and honest hearts of the holy men who penned the holy scriptures of the NT.

● In defense of 'the' truth of the 'holy' bible
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Jeremiah 3:15

P.S. Religious mobs and mobsters made a religion out of 'the day' of pentecost too, enter Pentecostalism, with all its bar codes, price tags, error, bells and