(or has the rain turned to sun by the power
of the Son-Jesus the Christ)
Pastor Paul,

Thank You for clearing up the issue about speaking in Tongues ... click

I have wondered for years. I have heard both sides of that and much in between. One side saying you ‘must’ speak in Tongues at the altar when you are saved or you are not saved and how people would remain at the altar for hours sometimes, just waiting for the ‘Gift of Tongues’ to prove they were saved. Then there is the other side saying Tongues has ‘ceased’ or others yet teaching that ‘Tongues at Pentecost’ were just ‘known languages’ so that all speaking in tongues was/is known language......... click

I have been reading some in your book/manuscript –‘Fire and Hammer’... thank you for this gift. ... ref/Acts 20:35.

I did notice this cost quite a sum in shipping and I would like to be able to send something to help with the cost. I am still seeking a job and praying for the Lord Jesus Christ’s direction, to ensure I am where He wants me to be.

Again I do thank you for this gift and really appreciate it.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all
Jeff... Kentucky /USA ......... Click

Email ... 27th March 2012