The full Counsel Newsletter - No 307

(if I walk in the Spirit it doesn't mean I walk in tongues)

Most have been taught by the untaught of him-the Christ that this refers to speaking with another tongue or the gift of tongues or praying in tongues but it is not. As we search the scriptures like good boys and girls would, should, do we come to see very clearly that not all speak with tongues or at least this is what St Paul says the writer of two thirds of the new testament scripture......"do all have gifts of healing? do all speak with tongues? are all apostles?.....are all prophets?......are all teachers?......are all workers of miracles????????............................... 1 Corinthians 12:29, 30....I assure thee no. John 8:28, Ephesians 4:21. And we know he, Paul spoke and prayed in tongues, 1 Corinthinians 14:14.

So what is praying in the Spirit? we have any account of anyone praying in the Spirit in the Holy Bible Scriptures....yes we do. So let us not go beyond what is written lest we be seen as those who exalt themselves and their vain, religious, man made thoughts above the living God and his living infallible canon, doctrine, word.....oracles......2 Corinthians 10:4-6...selah.

I can not believe for one dot in time that Father would expect people or advise, teach or persuade them to speak in tongues without the gift and as I (by his grace) have already confirmed through established canon....not all speak with tongues. So what is it to pray in the Spirit?...1 Corinthians  14:5. There are also different kinds of tongues......1 Corinthians 12:10.

To pray in the Spirit is spoken about in such a way that it is available to all who walk after the Spirit. All can partake whether they have the 'gift' of other tongues or not. Brother Jude was speaking to the called, sanctified preserved ones.

The clearest example of praying in the Spirit that I have read about was by the woman Hannah, the mother of the boy prophet Samuel.....ref/1 Samuel 1:12-18. She prayed before the lord, Eli only looked on.

Notice that she was praying, her lips moved but no words came out, she spoke in her heart, Eli thought she was drunk....she was not drunk but....a woman who was pouring out her soul with a sorrow filled spirit and the results of all this was....praying in the Spirit not

Eli said, may the God of  Israel grant you your petition-prayer and he did! Also read Matthew 26: 38-41and Exodus 14:15 when Moses prayed in the spirit......not tongues. Holy Ghost works, intercedes, through intense, fervent, innermost prayer.

Praying in the Spirit is not praying in tongues. And it is the holy ghost who is doing the groaning not a man or woman talking in tongues......Romans 8:26. So once again we come to find that many and myriads have been led down the pentecostal, evangelical, charismatic path of delusion, dead smack on target for a living eternal life in hell if the lies and deception do not cease and things, all things be made right, rectified.....Matthew 17:11. The lies about the blood of Christ is another blasphemy from the wicked tongues of covetous men and women in their religious strongholds that has gripped the minds of multitudes with a satanic hold. Whereas Paul said to the Corinthians...."if I pray in tongues" speaking of himself only, (he) one who had the gift, he was not speaking for all. He said my spirit prays not holy!

Does Paul Sheehan speak with 'tongues' yes he does and he also prays in tongues, he also prophesies in tongues and interprets tongues and sings in tongues but praying in the Spirit is not praying in tongues otherwise St Jude would have said 'praying in tongues' 

Pastor Paul Sheehan