The Day We Went To Town
John 11:40

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I shall endeavour to make a long story short here and get directly to the point, the effective part that hopefully will encourage all.

Back in 1990 or there abouts I was travelling back from the west of Queensland after crusading on a daily basis for the past few weeks and I came across a hitch-hicker.

I was on the eastern side of Warwick, when I saw the young man walking down the road so I instantly thought here's a soul for Jesus. the young man was very down and troubled. After talking a little small talk I decided to get on with my Fathers' business, so I ushered in the theme of sin, salvation, Jesus and his position in all this.

The young man whose name I have forgotten said that he thought or at least was informed that he had committed the.....unpardonable sin.....which we soon sorted out after a little observation of the established words of Father......Acts 17:11.

I myself was heading to a prayer mountain to fast and pray but before I did that I had to stop in at my families house in Toowoomba to get a few things. This young man was starting to really open up and rejoice over his new found friend and the truth he was given.

We eventually left Toowoomba and travelled to the prayer mountain to fast and pray, the young man, who wore an unattended beard and rather long hair was willing to come and fast with me and do some real fair-dinkum soul searching, so off we went.

We arrived, unpacked and were well and truely settled at the prayer mountain when out of nowhere the pastor at the mountain called on me to drive him and his friend to a nearby town for supplies. I tried my best to avoid this request but finally realised it was the best thing to do at that time so we all jumped in my car, the young bearded man included and went to town. (I witnessed in my Spirit that Father had a job for me).

After we arrived in town, the place was called Gatton, Queensland, the pastor and his friend said to us, you can drop us off here and you young men can have a look around but be back here at around about timeX.

I said all that to say this.......

The young bearded man and I were walking along the path outside the shops when we looked up ahead and saw a very old man fall backwards off a bench and smash his head on the tip of the bonnet of a parked car that was nosed up behind the bench he was seated alive!...The noise of this man's head hitting the bonnet was incredibly loud, all of this happened in split seconds.

This was when all the action began. My bearded friend and I did not freak out on this but then again we did. However, we seemed to be in control at least Father was....there was a peace about the whole lot.

What we did was, we drew near to this broken old man and went to pick him up when all of a sudden his eyes rolled back in his head, he started to foam at the mouth and wait for the punch line.....he had no pulse and his weazing breath had alive! this man dead?

What would I do? What would we do?...What could be done?.....his daughter was behind him by now and all she could say was he's dead!....he's dead!....he's dead!...O, no!......

I was relatively young in the ministry at this time and with all the fuss, rush, hustle and bustle, it all struck so quickly......what could I do? I got my hand and placed it on the old broken man, this man was ancient, he must have been, his daughter was about 60 plus years, so she looked.
  • I placed my hand on him and said this....Jesus!...Jesus!...Jesus!....Jesus!
I new one thing, at the mention of his name flowers grow and deserts bloom again, all I had was the name of Jesus in my heart. At this time there were shop keepers all around calling me a nutter and telling me to go away.

Someone had rung the ambulance. I was still coping abuse from all sides, while my bearded mate was looking on with a sheepish look on his face. You wouldn't believe it, just as the Ambulance came into the parking area the old man started to breath again, his eyes rolled back to their normal position, he stopped foaming at the mouth and he had a pulse once again.

Just as holy ghost took Phillip away from the Ethiopian even so Father said to me by his spirit....go your way and don't try to explain anything for you are among unbelievers, my purpose has been accomplished.....Acts 8:39, Romans 8:28 (his purpose).

Did you know that not even the pastor or his friend believed our report, they just smiled and said, I think we best just go home and when I insisted the pastor became angry therefore I left it there until now, today, I tell you, reader of this column......(click here).

It was very strange that the pastor and his friend had come to the very part of the town where we were exactly as the Ambulance drove away. When we all agreed to meet in a completely different place.....selah!

So that was our trip to town, the pastor got his supplies and the dead man got his extension of life. Before we left the daughter of the old man said, I know it was this man here (pointing to me) who did it, he's the one who helped dad. I said it was Jesus and she replied yes it was Jesus, she was still in shock of the whole was as if it was all planned divinely.

This very day I still think about the whole story and must say that I learnt countless things about God, people and life through this encounter......amen.

Those who are led by the spirit are the sons of Yah not those who have the spirit or those who talk with tongues but those who let holy ghost lead them these are the sons of God........Romans 8:14.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Jeremiah 17:16, 3:15.

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