Brother Mark Henderson served with the Royal Australian Air Force as an avionics technician / electronics, with cross training as a weapons specialist spending nine years with the RAAF in total resigning on good terms with the force in February 2001.

Mark was at that time attending an AOG Church outside Brisbane City where he became disgusted with the lack of truth and christian discipline within this particular church. He and his family eventually left the church and the area altogether and headed south by the unction of the holy ghost. ( A real coming out from among them).         
Now living in Casino N.S.W. with his wife and family,  Mark puts bread on the plate through his business ( marine electronics ) Northcoast Marine Electronics.

Brother Mark's perception of the town he and his family live in is that ( church wise ) it is abounding in compromise and deception which tells us why Father had him pick up house and go south, yes another voice is crying in the wilderness but how many will believe the report?

Therefore dear reader click on to those that have ears.................and get yourself blessed. Make it a weekly thing and you'll never look back.
  • ACTS 8 : 26-40

Mark knows too well what it is like to have the sword of the spirit in his life and in his house. If you want to write to or contact brother Mark you can reach him at.................

6 Simpson Parade
Casino N.S.W. 2470



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