WAS JESUS(speaking out of) HURT?

(maybe just plain jealous)

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Many peoples all over the world read the holy bible for one reason or another but I wonder how many really know what it is saying?............selah!....(2Timothy 3:7)

Who has ever seen movies or read books about the common place (worldly) senario of the psychologist/psychiatrist saying to the patient?.....
  • You shall be all right, you are just suffering from past this or that or you're just hurt, you need to do this that and the other......get our next book $$$$.
  • As they lay on the sofa that the patient paid for with their monies, from their many consultations.
Unfortunately this kind of counselling has been invited into the churches of the world and the results are obviously devastating. It seems to be that most church leaders and especially tele evangelists and evangelistettes expect that people just blindly buy their paraphernalia and take it on board as being the solution to their problems when all along these so called ministers are really only just unloading their past and present failings on (sincere) gulls suggesting as any good (wicked) psychologist would, that it's their case also.......God help us!
  • Was Jesus Hurt?
......when he smashed up the religious hypocrites temple.
  • Was Jesus Hurt?
......when he said to the young man let the dead bury the dead.
  • Was Jesus Hurt?
.......when he said not even Mary was his mother unless she did the words of God.
  • Was Jesus Hurt?
.......when he said, you brood of snakes, you hypocrites!
  • Was Jesus Hurt?
.......when he said, repent or you shall likewise perish / be destroyed
  • Was Jesus Hurt?
.......when he said, you make my Father's house a marketing place to meet your ends .......you thieves!...........peddlers.
  • Was Jesus Hurt?
.......when he said, you lot are not rich, wealthy and have no need but poor, wretched and in much need of help, repent or else.
Maybe you are one of the millions of religious book buyers who have fallen prey to these (psychologists) ministers and ministerettes and now believe that you are in the favoured majority as long as you continue to subscribe and send your monies. I tell you today, turn to Jesus while you still have breath in your lungs and become part of the rejected minority and be saved.......Isaiah 53:3.
  • Was Jesus Hurt?.....maybe he was just plain jealous, what do you reckon?
    Pastor Paul Sheehan
    Ecclesiastes 12:9-14
    Hebrews 11:25, 26.
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