(but they won't obey, will they?)
Luke 6:46.

It was Greek national day the 25.03.04 and Benny Hinn had yet another of his marketing mates on the tele plugging his/Ben's ministry.

I tuned in just as his (mate) pastor from some other church in Florida was well and truly telling the people what to do with their hard earned cash. I did not have time to get his name but never mind, this is what he said........

Quote / Bens pastor mate said.........there is no better soil to plant your money / seed in than Ben Hinn's Ministry. He talked about pregnant men and God opening doors for Ben in the Arab countries, the east, Iraq and that Ben was like God's man for the half hour. He said that people were to get their tithe, get their money and get the rest and send it to Ben. He waffled on with the usual ye, yo yongi cho, third dimension, supremes talk, claiming and telling of what a good boy was Ben and that Ben's coffers were low, he was not pleading but demanding your money and he might even  get it, Oral Roberts a renown mighty man of men succeeded every time. One time Oral went as far as saying God/Jesus was going to strike him dead .................if he didn't get the cash, about $1,000,000 US plus.
  • So what's it all about elfy?
I only want you to read these scriptures as soon as you can and it would be best to read from the new beaut King James Bible least we get side tracked by human amplification and modification.....

* JOHN 8:43
* JOHN 5:44
* 2 PETER 2:18
* 2 PETER 2:1-3

Benn Hinn has stooped so low and become so desperate (for$$) to keep his empire on the road and the silver screen, he is now even promoting the latest flavour of the month movie.................. ...........The Passion...................along with the hollywood great and strong Roman Catholic,                Mel Gibson.......James 4:4, Amos 3:3......(A movie for all faithful Roman Catholics)
We at JTCM are..........
Keeping a watchful eye on the pentecostal, evangelical (decline) progress in the last days, warning peoples of the world of the eternal dangers with the devil's doctrine called.......absolute predestination, just a believing in the mind without obedience to his, Jesus word. Something similar to the demons of hell, don't they too also believe that Jesus is Lord!!!!!...........James 2:19

evendemonsbelieve.gif (1861 bytes)

One group of people (who call themselves) by the name........Australian Bible Ministries......says this.....
  1. ........You don't have to lead a holy life in order to be saved from eternal hell fire.......ref/Revelation 22.11
  2. .........Obedience to Jesus, that is his word is not necessary in order to be saved from eternal hell fire. (ABM brochure can be provided).
  • My question for ABM and Harley Hitchcock an X school teacher come professional psychologist is this, what about........Hebrews 5:9, Romans 11:22, Hebrews 12:14, John 15:2, 1Corinthians 13:5, 6, 2 Thessalonians 1:8,9, Romans 6:23, Revelation 3:16, 2:16, 2:5, 3:5, 1Timothy 4:16, 1Timothy 1:8 - 11? to mention only a few scriptures that clearly tell us that believing in your head is not bible believing faith, is it? really, unless it produces the fruit of obedience to the one and only true God......Jesus the Christ.... ...Genesis 3:4.......selah!
This article tells us all very clearly and concisely that Benn Hinn, Australian Bible Ministries, Hollywood and the Roman Catholic Church all have one thing in common.......they all believe in absolute predestination, once saved can not be lost, holiness and obedience to Jesus Doctrine are not essential for salvation. Luke 8:21
Many have gone out in His, Jesus name but only few are actually in the Christ.....Matthew 7:14.
At least the demons tremble
Pablo M J Sheehan / Shepherd, Watchman
Hebrews 5:9

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P.S.   It's obvious that the Harley Hitchcock / ABM Jesus is not the real (holy) Jesus just another look alike with a dash of psychology (paid in full) 1 John 2:3-6.