(what does Jesus, the Head of the Church say?)
“Due to the confusion and ignorance of Religions in today’s World,
especially in the ‘Roman Catholic Church’ (who like to think they have Authority and the Only Authority to Canonise (make) peoples /Sinners Saints ) God Almighty-JtC, placed it on my heart to Teach on this subject with ‘Clarity and Simplicity’ that all may come to the knowledge of the Truth on the matter”. This is a 9 part series ..

Is it really possible for humans to Make, Beatify, Canonise other humans as Saints, or is it just another Religious Hoax, blind leading the blind to the Eternal Fires of Hell? Script says that the Liar is forbidden from entering the ‘Kingdom of God’. If we think for one minute that ‘Roman Catholicism and Christianity’ are the same as being a ‘Saint-Disciple of the Christ’, we are deluded and Hell Bound.

This prelude will give you a foundation and prepare your heart for the Beautiful, Sobering, even shocking Truth of the Messages below… PRELUDE..