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(love is not vain, selfish, greedy or deceitful, love does not sell God's Word). whatis.gif (704 bytes)
If someone was to ask you the question......what is love?....what would you say, how would you explain love to them without leading them astray and without lying?.......Proverbs 11:1.......(click here).

Firstly you would think deeply about it for the simple reason love is the deepest of all, it is the most excellent way says St Paul the apostle of the Christ........1 Corinthians 12:31..(even heathens do good deeds and speak kindly).

To say that love is how you treat people is really not saying much at all is it?
For there are three different major kinds of love and few are they who have understanding about the great love or agape love, ahavah in the Hebrew language.....example....(Eros, Aphileo and Agape).
  1. A young man had just lost his dad and his dad was about to be buried, Jesus came along and said.......let the dead bury the dead and you follow me! Matthew 8:21.
  2. Jesus was preaching to a lot of people, his mum and family came along and he was told his family was outside. Jesus reply was if my natural family good old mum included did not want to do what Father says they are naught to me......Luke 7:19-21...........selah...(click here).
  3. Jesus said he came to divide households up and find in each house those who were willing to obey- follow him and love him more than their own family, relatives and friends............... ................Matthew 10:34-37.....(this is love).
  4. Jesus said that any person male or female who was born again and afterward turned back to their old ways, sin, the world they were worthy of greater punishment than those who broke Gods Law in the Old Testament. Back then they died without mercy. All four examples are his love....agape love. Hebrews 10:26-29.
We could go on and on about the love(agape) of God, Yahweh, Jesus, scripture after scripture, line upon line and precept upon precept till his soon return. I am by no means relating to the Lolly Pop Love Of The World, the flesh, sexual or maternal, earth-bound or common love. I am referring to the love of the Almighty one of Israel......Yeshua, Jesus The Christ.......halleluyah!

Agape Love can only be and is only ever experienced by those who pick up their cross, deny themselves of sin and follow him/elohim....
Love/Agape love never fails but fools fail to see love!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Proverbs 11:4, 1 Corinthians 13:8

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Note: Love, agape love looks out for the ultimate welfare of the soul not the immediate comfort of the pride or flesh......selah!