(or are we so brazen we don't bother to wear a mask?)
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Can you just for one minute start to picture St Paul, Peter, John the baptist (who wasn't a baptist) sending out printed matter displaying a financial statement for income and expenditure of their ministries ( service to God) down to the very last stamp, phone calls and fax. I was gob smacked and slack jawed to find on one pentecostal financial statement.....an insurance bill, bank fees and stationary. Where does Father, Jesus, Holy Ghost, Faith, Prayer and Agape love actually fit in here, someone please tell me, for I can not find this kind of behaviour in the new testament church or old for that matter. Most usually stamp this - Accountability................ .... Ref: Matthew 6:1-4........(expecting account or in secret).
  • God is faithful to call and meet the call if he has called no advertising of expenditure found in the scripture.........1 Thessalonians 5:24........selah!
We always unmask ourselves when we speak, this is why messiah said make sure you have not even a splinter in your eye when you enter into righteous (loving, soul saving) judgement of another least we be found as hypocrites, pharisees, under the sin of omission, sayers but not doers, peddlers and not givers.........(click here).

We can find no biblical evidence of any new testament minister being reduced to the place where they had to......deny.......the Christ by selling, peddling or marketing the oracles of God. What did Jesus say and how many believe/obey?.....Check this out.....Luke 12:6, 7....selah!.. .................(click here).

Who is unmasking who?...is it the pot calling the kettle black or just plain ignorance  maybe just outright rebellion? When you are reading a so called pentecostal magazine and on page 21 they are taking pieces out of prosperity preachers, money grabbers, marketeering ministers and then you glance over onto page 20 and all you see is a financial statement which tells the world of monies in and out we can hardly differentiate between the two. While both cry....faith in God, Love and Come back to the book of Acts, the Truth, when no disciple of the Christ acted this way.........(click here).

In Summary:

The Philadelphia Church were known for not denying Jesus word or name, they were of little strength. If there was ever a church pastor who needed to sell the word of God, market it or peddle it, it would have been either the Philadelphia Church or more than that the Church at Smyrna. But this was not so neither did messiah instruct them to do so or even mention it.

Yeshua said to these two churches...you are rich and you will I keep from that hour for you are faithful and have kept my word and have not denied my name which says....I will call and meet the call if I call!....I can not deny myself but if you deny me I will deny you........... ....................2 Timothy 2;12.

"Thank you lord for hearing me, thank you lord for knowing who I am, it's so easy to get lost these days in the shuffle and the night."...Re: Psalm 16:5.

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, taste and see that the lord is good!
Pastor Paul Sheehan