Bible verse............Come out from among them and be separate/divided, says the Christ, do not touch/involve yourself with what is unclean/unsaved, then I will receive you as my people, disciples but not otherwise.............. ...................ref/2 Corinthians 6:17.

.................COMMENT FROM THE PASTOR'S PEN......................
There can be no denying it, 'divided we stand' and if we continue to be attached to and connected/affiliated with harlot churches, rebel money-lovers, heretic ministers and their dens of thieves, we shall without remedy fall into the pit of hell-fire with them ......ref/Matthew 10:34-39...........click.

Yes, 'divided we stand', it can be no other way according to the holy scriptures. When we are divided/separated from the unrighteous, unholy, darkness and friendships with unbelievers and ungodly peoples we are able to stand strong in this day of evil and before the judge, saviour and God of all things seen and unseen Hosanna in the highest on the judgement day. Surely we are all aware that bad-evil company has the capability of corrupting good peoples......ref/2 Corinthians 16:9, 1 Corinthians 15:33...........click.

Yet 'united/affiliated' and in fellowship with such peoples, churches and ministries with their false-doctrines and peddling-selling of the 'Word of God', we shall no doubt fall with these fakes, face first into the pit of hell-fire eternal, the furnace of fire, the second death as it is known by infallible, unchanging, perfect scripture. For if the blind lead the blind they shall both fall into the pit of hell-fire together, which is their just reward for rejecting the 'love of the truth' and the day of their visitation.....ref/Matthew 15:14; Luke 8:21 ......click.

What fellowship, friendship has the righteous one/born-again one, with the lawless one and what fellowship/friendship, connection has light and the children of light with darkness and the children of the devil and dark-sinful deeds? And what fellowship/friendship, connection has the believer/doer of the doctrine/words of the Christ with unbelievers, 'those who do not want to about/hear' and 'those who know about do not want to obey' the Gospel-message, doctrine of the Christ?....ref/2 Thessalonians 1:8, James 1:21-25.....click.

And does the devil-satan have fellowship/a friendly, loving relationship with Jesus the Christ? And do bonafide, true peoples of the only wise God- Jesus the Christ have a covenant agreement with idols and idolatry?........ref/ 2 Corinthians 6:14-16, Matthew 10:34.

God Almighty has called his people to go into the world  and 'preach to' the world and its people, not to be friends and in fellowship-association with the sinner. For if we endeavour, even desire and want to be friends with the peoples of the world we betray the Christ and become his enemy.......ref/James 4:4.

We were all sinners at one time, unclean and unworthy of Jesus the Christ and his kingdom blessings but this is not the case after we are born-again of the spirit of the Christ. Sin has no longer any, dominion over us, after we have repented, turned from our sin and the promise of Father, the holy ghost and power comes into our lives.

We are no longer slaves to sin but slaves to righteousness (doing the right thing in God's eyes) bearing the fruit of a holy (Christ-like) life and the final results of this being eternal life not eternal -hell - fire, the eternal - living death and torment....ref/Romans 6:15-23, Revelation 21:8.

Thanks be unto Father who causes us to triumph through faith-obedience to our lord Jesus the Christ's teaching and the guidance and power of holy ghost, who is given to all who repent and turn from their sins following the Christ to the end......"Divided we Stand'.......but "United we Fall'!

'Divided, separated from darkness and lies we Stand'....surely this is the Gospel of Peace and Glad Tidings of Goodly things for all who obey but not all have obeyed and not all will obey says the Lord God-Jesus the Christ but I have a remnant says the Lord who do. Yes, we stand by grace - the power of God through faith in the faith/doctrine ......ref/Romans 5:1-5, 1 Peter 1:5, Romans 11:3-5........Selah.

Beware dear reader, for the devil and the One-World Church, the Ecumenical Church, headed up by the Harlot-Church herself the Roman Catholic Church and all her prostituting churches of all denominations, Pentecostal, Presbyterian and Baptist inclusive, who accept and follow on after her, say directly the opposite. They say 'United We Stand', this is a blind saying of the world and not of the Christ and the oracles of God.....ref/1 Peter 4:11.

The peoples, congregation of the 'Tower/Church of Babel' were the first in history to say 'United We Stand'!........these had no relationship with God - Jesus the Christ and look what happened to them. Multitudes say today that 'In God We Trust' but it is evident to a blind man that they are fooling themselves and no one else. As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be before the second coming of Jesus the Christ, only Noah and his family were ready for the great shock of that age. Will you be ready to face your maker, will you be found worthy of the Christ when he comes or will you be one of the multitudes who drown eternally in tears of regret?......ref/Genesis 11:1-9, Luke 6:46, Matthew 24:36-44....Selah.....click.

Unless we are converted to the Way-Thinking - Mind of the Christ and unless we are humble before our God - Jesus the Christ and become like little children, we will by no means be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, this is a promise of God himself, that he will not break for any man or woman, for God can not and will not deny himself......Amen.....ref/Matthew 18:3, 4, 2 Timothy 2:11-13.........click.

Pastor Paul Sheehan

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