Brother. Floyd Lobaton of JTCM-Mission in the Philippines has been distributing the written teachings and literature of Jesus the Christ Ministries - Mission daily as of February 2010 and ministers the scriptures of the doctrine of the Christ to his peoples (does the work of the ministry of the Christ) as holy ghost leads. Brother Floyd also helps in the local fellowship in Handumanan, Bacolod City on Negros Island, Philippines

This is his testimony as a witness and disciple of the Christ Jesus - Almighty God........ref/Revelation 1:8

I was a sinner, a slave of sin yet God - Almighty sent a messenger (Pastor Paul Sheehan) to me and my family to tell us of the way of Jesus the Christ and how to be a 'slave of righteousness'.

Once I was in darkness, a lazy person, selfish, ungrateful and headstrong, and always neglecting my God given opportunity and blessing of a decent education which many don't have the privilege of here in the Philippines. I was always at odds with my parents, playing a deaf ear toward all their requests and questions, I always had filthy language coming out of my mouth and a rebellious heart toward God at the root of it all........ref/Matthew

I was a true 21st century example of a teenager who didn't know God-Jesus the Christ or obey God........ref/2 Thessalonians 1:8.

I was raised a Roman Catholic, which made no difference whatsoever to my sin life all because I had not the Christ as my lord, leader and love. I joined the 'Youth Marian Club' as a good roman catholic sinner would and this was all to no avail also. My aim there was to find clarity of mind for my confused thinking pattern and to be saved from the fires of hell and all this was apparently going to be done through the Roman Catholic 'Mary' didn't

Jesus says we must be born-again of the word/water and the spirit/holy spirit in order to be saved from hell-fire and given understanding and knowledge.....clarity of mind on 'all things'.......ref/John 3:5, John 16:13, John 8:12, John 3:19-21.

Then and only then was a true biblical change able to take over in my life, leading all the way to the salvation of my soul to the uttermost, as I live up to what I know to be true and the truth of the Christ Jesus......ref/Luke

Along with this wonderful work that has started in my life, God has shown me clearly that he has gifted me as a 'graphic artist' this is seen on paper and witnessed by many and now I must endeavour to bring glory to his name through this gift by utilising it for him. I need to be humble and stay humble by remaining subjected to his word - doctrine. And not stray from the basic, simple teaching of Pastor Sheehan who led me to the Christ and baptised me into Jesus the Christ, which says.........honesty, truth and humility, Jesus the Christ as preeminent, number one.......ref/Colossians 1:18, 2 Corinthians 11:1-4, 1 Peter 4:7-11.........Dayawon!!!!.......Amen..........February 15 / 2011.