The full Counsel Newsletter - No 300


hence, what shall be the end of those who know him not?................................2 Thessalonians 1:8   (not lord Beelzebub but lord Jesus the Christ)

The lord will send on you cursing, confusion and rebuke.
The lord shall make pestilence come to you until he has consumed you. The lord will strike you with consumption-lung disease, fever and sword. The lord will make the rain of your land dust. The lord will let your enemies defeat you. The lord will strike you with boils, scabs and itches from which you will not be healed. The lord God of Israel will do this to his own people if they do not do what he says.
Yes, dear reader, the holy bible is full to overflow with do's and don'ts even though the Christendom-church-leaders say it's not about do this or do that. Satan said to Eve. it's not about do's and don'ts baby.

Please read Deuteronomy 28:15-28 and then ask yourself if God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Ask yourself is this the God you follow and think that you serve and love. Because this is the God that JTCM follows and loves with our very substance and we will never prostitute our souls and flesh to the god of this world satan and his church-The Mother of Harlots and her silly daughters from pentecostalism, evangelicalism, 0ne-time protestantism and their mainstream lukewarm

Long life in the flesh, plenty money,  freedom from disease, good health and freedom from mental sickness is what is in demand (not Jesus) today more than ever before. And there be many a charlatan-charlataness, music-backed healer or so called miracle man or woman who are out there waiting right now to take your money $$$$. But the amusing thing is that the real Jesus-God Almighty never did one miracle, healing or deliverance for any amount of money. Neither did he or any of his counterparts, associates, true disciples, followers, apostles, prophets and evangelists, pastors, charge a price $ fee, bar code or price tag any scroll in order to get the job done and there was no 'marshalls-portable-music-machine' in the background humming

Madness, blindness and confusion of the heart are an obvious and growing concern throughout the entire world today and the humanists, the religions and the so called wise all turn a deaf ear when it comes to what the holy bible says about death, judgement and God casting out his (one-time) people and if there be some group of anxious marketeers (bound by selfish ambition) they might even speak out and say.....'the plagues, diseases and sword writings are in the Holy Bible but it's not God that does these things to anyone it is a reflex action, spontaneous reaction for all who don't give money to the church, preacher or preacherette but you would be pressed to hear anything more, you just miss out on your promised land presents -!

But my bible says that he, God, the Lord God Almighty, Jesus the Christ will send all these things on his people, if they be rebellious. Not the devil, not karma, not mother nature with a mid-life crisis, not the omo layer or the pine-o-clean factor, not even the woliff but the God of agape love, my hero Jesus the Christ. Just for good measure read - 2 Chronicles 7:12-22.

Let me finish up by quoting you a piece of (so-called) wisdom from the well known Chuck Swindoll who seems to be the flavour of Family Radio....."love brings people together, it doesn't separate them". My comment is Matthew 10:34-39.
Pastor Paul Sheehan