The full Counsel Newsletter - No 322

MARK 16:15

clickblueyello.gif (1676 bytes) PREACH THE GOSPEL!....NOT A GOSPEL
"doctrine of the Christ"...Galatians 1:8
So what does man (and even woman today) do ???....they go into all the world and try to explain God to people. As ridiculous as it sounds they actually do. More than this, they have the hide to call themselves ministers of the gospel of the the same time denying his very words, commands. Cursing comes with 'a' gospel, the curse of false security, deception and other spirits even spiritual blindness and the end, hell fire.

The very gospel doctrine that comes by hearing the doctrine of the Christ and not by intelligent sermons of emotional men and women who see it fit that even the unrepentant be saved, washed in the blood of the lamb or given power, holy ghost

Defending God or explaining God to people is lack of faith, biblical faith yet many and most don't understand this due to dark, grey or (sin) blemished areas in their lives. Hence they go about in vain trying to explain God, creation and even salvation to no biblical avail, denying scripture......Romans 1:18-22.....Click

Whereas the established word of God (of God) tells us, his disciples to preach, proclaim, convey and publish his doctrine to all we can and he will in turn move upon the word. Nowhere in the holy bible can we find God Almighty telling people to "go into the world and explain God", in reality this is impossible, absurd even sin.....selah.

God is big enough to explain, make himself known to anyone he wishes via the established word that shall never pass away. So, many be they who actually claim to know God and his Ways/Doctrine but if you were to dig around a little you will find and be convinced otherwise. Just men and women's frustrated efforts of trying to save the unbelieving, unrepentant sons and daughters of disobedience. The Da Vinci Code who's author is satan would be the finest example of wasted time I've ever witnessed. Would you bother giving any more than a page of your time and paper to rebuke such devilish doctrine, satan's laughing his head

It is a nice thought that all would be saved but this is not so, at least as far as scripture states...e.g.. "a remnant shall be saved/from Jew and gentile alike".

The scriptures do tell us to be ready to give a reason for our faith-belief at all times but this can never be translated...."explain God to peoples". If I could explain God to peoples I for one would not need him and secondly faith would not be part and parcel with the saving of the

If we lose our faith-trust in God, which is exemplified by no longer doing as he says but as we please, (going our way and that may seem ok but is rebellion and you will not be where you should be in holiness but in sin) we are no longer his purchased possession but we make ourselves vessels of dishonour in the process forfeit our birth right-salvation if there be no repentance seen worthy by God to accept.....ref/Esau, Ananias and Wife, Mrs. Self-confident Lot and Grandma Eve.

So dear reader, don't try to play God or explain God to mankind you will only weary yourself, frustrate yourself, hurt yourself, depress yourself and may even discourage yourself, so much, you backslide into unbelief, with those you are trying to convince..........Hebrews 3:12-15, 12:3.

Just do as Father told us through messiah.....go and preach and if they are his they will hear and they will follow. At the end of the day people will do what they want....what do you want?

Pastor Paul Sheehan