The full Counsel Newsletter - No 362


(deceitful, desperately evil and unpredictably wide)
Eccelesiastes 9:13

The (Adam and Eve) heart is deceitful and desperate and the most unpredictable thing on the living calendar today and always has been. But thanks be unto  God/Jesus that we are now able, ever since the Christ gave up the ghost on the cross, all are now able (if willing) to have for themselves a heart! and to think it otherwise is to pervert scripture.......Glory Halleluyah!

Even a heart of flesh instead of a stoney (Adam and Eve - sin loving) heart of corruption, deceit, wickedness and lies. Is this not the born-again new-birth from above message of the 'holy' bible. God's, Yahweh's, Jesus the Christ's only blueprint for

This scripture, word of the prophet Jeremiah, like the other scriptures from the letter of Paul to the Romans (ref/Romans 3:23) has always been used by half-breed church leaders to (humbly?) say that we can not really expect too much from men or women for the human heart is deceitful, wicked and all have sinned and will go on sinning (willfully) and that is quite OK, after all we are only human and nobody is 'perfect/does what Jesus says' and the death, burial and resurrection of the Christ was a flop. The holy ghost has no power and Father calls sin a mistake, well it is 2007, like lighten up out

Common ground is the common garbage to be propagated worldwide in 2007and forth, inside and outside churches for the ultimate benefit of the Christless Crowds who blindly continue to flock to the 'hybridised-hypocritcal-hovels' that brazenly meet under the banner of 'Christian Unity and Love'

Dear reader, the 'holy' bible declares that we are able to live a holy life and have our deceitful, desperate, wicked, vain hearts removed and a new one, a clean heart given on true repentance, washed white as snow and starting afresh. But the devil won't have it. The same bible the 'holy' bible says we do not have to go on in the sins of the past or known sin but the devil won't have it and neither will Christendom, the Mother of Harlot Churches or Calvinism/Absolute Predestination theologies of mere men and women of unsound (unholy) minds. Minds void of holy ghost leadership, hence they shuffle on their religious worldling way that seemeth right to them but actually leads to destruction, hell fire and torment eternal....Ezekiel 36:26.

A man that does not know his own heart (Proverbs 25:28) is a man that knows not God/the maker of his heart, that one is without doubt a sinful man and a sinfilled woman. For when I met Jesus I began to know my real self, like never before, this is as shocking as the truth itself, enough to cause one to give up their life start afresh, be converted and let the Christ live. Saying good-bye to "enjoying everyday life" forever and enjoying the Christ instead, other worldliness.....Philippians 1:20, 21

"Good riddens to bad rubbish" brother D. Wilson (son of Pastor William Wilson/deceased) would say. Surely we are new, brand new creatures once born-again from above and surely St. Paul was no deceitful, wicked-hearted man who went on in past and known sin and if he did, he was no saint or in the 'light' neither is the work of the cross of any avail. And how about our Israeli brother 'Nathanael' in John 1:47,48.....2 Corinthians 5:17...selah.

Without holiness you will not see God. This means, a man or woman with a sinful, deceitful, wicked heart (and unwilling to repent and receive a new honest heart) will go on in known sin and be damned to eternal hell fire, whether a church leader, church goer or worldling....Acts 3:23.


Pastor Paul Sheehan