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Are the pentecostals and the evangelicals any different or any better than the poor old roman catholics with their half way houses and talking to the dead, the living dead and the outright religious zombies?......(Click here)

Those who are so proud to be called pentecostal yet so ashamed of the doctrine of the Christ which says that you can forfeit your salvation/birth right, the wages of sin is death without partiality and faith without works is also dead.

Pentecostals and evangelicals alike run to the comfy doctrine of Absolute Predestination even as the roman catholics run to the second prize doctrine of Purgatory and all are deceived for only one receives the prize (the crown) of eternal life which is the saving of the soul and that one is the one who abides in the vine/Jesus they are not mere visitors. Neither are they just simply those who have met, called on or once upon a time had a relationship with Jesus...... ..Luke 9:62
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Pentecostals and the evangelicals like the roman catholics have their own little concession cards regarding sin - past, present and future. They seem to think that grace is a shield to hide behind while they sin but grace is the power of God that enables all (not to sin) to do exactly what Father has asked his people to do. And if we have the nerve to say we can not live a holy/perfect life we are no better than roman catholics who believe that only Jesus was able to do such a thing. Well, maybe Mary too and the Pope and a  few other select devoted RC's of old...1 Corinthians 10:13.............(Click here)

In fact I believe that the pentecostals and the evangelicals have overtaken the poor old RC by at least a furlong. St Paul's holy ghost view of all (male or female, rich or poor, black or white) those who obey not the gospel of the Christ is found in.....Hebrews 10:29. Paul says that this kind of action.....living in known sin......is far worse an offence to God than kicking off,, rejecting the Law of Moses.........re: Hebrews 10:38, 39, 2 Peter 2:21, 22,  2 Thessalonians 1:8.

We hear so many church leaders and tele-evangelists/ettes claiming that they are preaching the doctrine of the Christ but never do we hear the words that come from the great apostle Paul's mouth.....beware lest you forfeit your salvation - depart from the living God.......Hebrews 3:12.....(Click here)

Hence the full/whole counsel of the Christ is rare, hard to find and more than this it is unwanted, overlooked and frowned upon. There is no money in truth just ask Jesus - they hung him on a cross, they said he was a devil or in today's language a cult leader, no better than a blow fly. Most certainly not the friend of prime ministers, presidents, pilates and priests whether anglican, roman catholic or Jesuit......(Click here)

Whether it be purgatory, mass followings, absolute predestination, dollar dazzlers, las vegas mormons, 7th day adventists and vita-britts, Mother Teresa Revisited, stock exchange saints, rock 'n' roll religion, buy now pay later prosperity, exploitation of third world peoples, love without repentance, salvation without obedience or just Benn Hinn with his $1.7 million (USD) dollar debt he has to pay each week (so he says) to upkeep his business....all is vanity outside the doctrine of the Christ.......(Click here)
Christ's Doctrine the measuring stick for all things!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
2 John 1:9, 10

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