The full Counsel Newsletter - No 379


(the doctrine of absolute predestination/salvation by election)
On reading an article recently, written by a woman who calls herself, sees herself and is seen by others as a teacher of God's Word with a prophetic voice, I was a little unsure how she could be. After reading her

The letter was about 'blind faith' and carried on with this Calvinistic Slant of things every time she opened her mouth. Which told me she was blinded to the truth of scripture and should not be even teaching it if she was not in full understanding of it (not that Yahweh gave it to women to teach (men) his word to start with). Yet there are a great swag of males not men, males, out there in the churches today that find it best, more profitable in many ways to just keep their mouth shut on such issues. Best not to go there they say, tut-tut.

This woman went on about 'fake converts' with no understanding that scripture also warns all that even converts can apostatise. She says fake converts come on their own terms, do not forsake all, they have not given all their life to Christ, they tack Jesus on the end, they think they have entered but have never truely repented. Not bad, but I have heard this somewhere before, I wonder where?

The point I want to make here is vital. Just because one is born-again or converted this is no guarantee of salvation. Surely our scripture above tells us all of 'true converts' who St. Paul addressed as holy, brethren and partakers of the heavenly calling. Does it sound like this crew were 'absolutely saved' once and for all, with their names on the register for ever?.....No, dear reader, no!

Blind to 'the faith' are we, when we read and see only what we want, when we want, worse than unbelievers I believe. Apostolic Paul warned these holy-brethren who 'were' partaking of the heavenly call to watch out for  an evil heart. He said to them to watch out for your hearts, lest unbelief rise up/the old man and you end up departing from.......the faith, the truth, the way, ultimately the living God/Jesus.......Hebrews 3:12-15.

Known sin, unrepented of hardens the heart and deceives us into believing in the satanic doctrine of (Genesis 3:4) 'absolute predestination'...once saved always saved, name on the register forever

Today, if you are willing to hear Mashiah's Voice do not make hard your hearts against the truth/scripture, as in the rebellion like the

The light has no doubt shone down the foyers of many a darkened hall and heart today via this letter and I hope that all readers will check their bibles and the Christ's Doctrine for their own souls

Pastor Paul Sheehan