The following is the final word that I had for Mr Eid of ‘The Fiori Café’, Kenmore-Brisbane .. a die-hard Lebanese Roman Catholic who refused to accept The Love of The Truth, after much counsel .. Click

To - Mr Phil Eid …. From – Pastor: Paul Sheehan
If You Can't See That ...The Roman Catholic System ... ‘Is A Whores Society’ .. You Are Blinded And God Has Not Allowed You To See The Truth ... I Wash My Hands Of You As Of Now… ref/Matthew 10:14-16.

From .. Mr Phil Eid …. To – Pastor: Paul Sheehan

Our beliefs have not changed in over 2000 years... If you do not Accept the Authority of the Roman Catholic Church then throw away your Bible. Because it is The Church ( RCC) that gave it (the bible) to you and The Church/The Roman Catholic Church that Authorised that it (the bible) was the Inspired Word of God.

If you want to end it here then no worries. It is God that told me to be wary of you.

God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers.
Mr Philip Eid ..
Fiori Café - Coffee Shop
Kenmore, Brisbane.