Sir, (Pastor Paul Sheehan) with respect I ask you to Repent! And I strongly recommend you go Confess your Sins to a (Roman Catholic) Priest!.. Click

You have no Respect for the Children of God unless they Obey You, you are quick to Judge and Condemn them. For only God can Judge, you should stay Respectful to All people and All Religions just as ‘The Holy Father, Pope Benedict’.

He is in Lebanon at the moment sending a message of ‘Peace and Love’ just as Christ did 2000 years ago, whilst Our Priests are Preaching ‘Love and Repentance’ in Mass every Sunday…

I have seen your Clips on YouTube, and I watch them with an Open Mind. You should not be Representing Christianity because you do not speak with Love but with Envy. Preach the Good News and the Love of Christ, do not try to Turn people Against the ‘Church of Jesus Christ - the (Roman) Catholic Church’!.. Click

Today I prayed for you, I asked God to Forgive You, to guide you to His Love. I prayed also that you may see the Word of God with an ‘Open Mind’ rather than a ‘Protestant Mind’…. Click

Please sir, do not hate me for asking you questions, do not Judge Me for following The Church that Jesus Built (The Roman Catholic Church). Instead pray for me, like I pray for you..

I was ‘Once’ like You and thought that if you were not a member of ‘Jesus Church’ then you were not someone I should care about, until the Holy Spirit told me .. ‘I Need To Love You, Because You Are A Child Of God’ !!!!.... Click

Thank you very much
Mr Philip Eid ..
Fiori Café - Coffee Shop (Owner)
Kenmore, Brisbane.