I recently came across a man by the name of Bill Muehlenberg on the internet and I was reminded of how much shame 'professing Christians' put on themselves in order to avoid the blessings of God/Jesus the Christ which come by the way of persecution....ref/Hebrews 13:13.

* Bill Muehlenberg of 'Culture Watch'......runs a small internet commentary on the 'Issues of the Day'

Bill indirectly says in his 'search results' on his web page that he is a believer of that pagan idea 'Luck' and lucky days, he uses this kind of vocabulary oddly enough. Bill will do well in the 'Lucky Country; for sure, providing he doesn't go beyond the main-stream where all the compromisers swim/dog paddle happily in deception, their favourite strokes are 'Family First and Absolute Predestination'. If he can get out of these Mainstream polluted waters and untangle the denominational weeds and reeds that have ensnared his mind he may very well start to see things otherwise, in reality/the true light, the Christ's Way.. It's definitely think-time for Bill......click.

From the little I have read of his heart-felt commentaries, Bill is no doubt of the 'Don't Judge Squad' another one who hasn't the intestinal fortitude or the holy ghost conviction to call a spade a spade and not a great big shovel......sad isn't it?.........click.

It's a bit like Herbert Armstrong who wrote the magazine - 'The Plain Truth' and never even had the truth (not the unvarnished variety anyway) the spirit of truth, the paraclete. Yet multitudes followed this man's words, commentary......click.

If anyone desires to comment on Bill's Web Site, Bill has rules for all writers......Bill likes to be in control, edit-delete, edit-delete, delete-edit, whatever the writer sends in, that he disapproves of that may conflict with his mainstream-religious-common ground-ideology.....ref/1 Peter 4:11......click.

Bill says, he doesn't like or want to be attacked, he doesn't want rude or bad taste mail or anything defamatory posted to him. Bill obviously doesn't like or invite, the cross of the Christ or suffering the reproach of the Christ outside the 'religious-hypocritical-mainstream gate, affiliation'. All because Bill is still inside this very gate....snug, safe and sound from all the Messianic-Blessings that come to those who are persecuted for the Christ's name sake....ref/Philippians 3:10, 11, Matthew 10:22. Are Bill's values and associations Christian?.....this is the question........click.

The sad thing is, Bill can never 'be' or grow to be a bonafide disciple of the Christ if he stays within the arena of the rules of his 'Religious-Cottonwool-Culture Club'. It is obvious that Bill is afraid of having his flesh, ego and pride hurt, dealt with by the truth. Bill needs to let go and let God have his way.......click.
"Do you really want to hurt me....do you really want to make me cry"?................Boy George/Culture Club.
Feel free to comment by email what 'your real heart-felt thoughts' are on this issue and all issues/articles on the JTCM-Mission web site........none of your words other than grammar, shall be altered, edited or refused but will be considered in prayer, displayed for the light to view and those of the light to peruse, as yet another blessing of this 23 year old prophetic-ministry.........click.

A blessed man.
Pastor: Paul Sheehan.....JTCM-Mission, Australia.....ref/Matthew 5:39, Matthew 5:10-12 ........20.1.2011.........click.

PS.....Email received 23.1.2011....regarding Mr. Muehlenberg's opinion/commentary on the Queensland floods, Australia......ref/Tragedy, Justice, Grace.

Dear Pastor,

Thank you for recommending the write-up of Bill Muehlenberg, I had to read it twice. For him to say that there is no clear voice anymore anywhere to warn us of these events and for him to say that calling the recent floods of Queensland an act of God's judgement is "unhelpful" is just as you say Pastor ' a load of slop'. This man refers to the O.T. events and can acknowledge that the disasters were indeed God's judgement back then, even the judgement on Ananias and Sapphira in the N.T.

He admits that God is the same yesterday, today and forever but then he refers to 'us, we/Christians' supposed new creations as being in 'a fallen state' and says that 'we can not know for sure what is God's judgement and what is not'.....this really takes the cake. He has forgotten that we are 'Born-Again' (even if he's not) and that the Spirit in us witnesses to us that these things are really from Him-Almighty God-Jesus the Christ our God. He is sovereign and creator and he is not mocked by any nation, race, colour or gender......ref/Romans 8:12-17, 2 Corinthians 5:17........click.

Pastor, again I say, we at JTCM-Mission Austtralia look forward to you all returning from the Philippine Crusade and assembling together again in Brisbane City under the anointed Word. See you soon.......Sister Sue.