The BBC has been criticised for its “senseless hypocrisy” in no longer referring to dates by BC (before Christ) or AD (Anno Domini), but to what they call …
.. religiously neutral terms of … BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era). On the grounds that it may be offensive otherwise .. 2011.


Read this prophecy taken from the Book/Discerning the Times .. written in 1997 by Pastor Paul Sheehan. It’s a prophecy that never ends .. it’s confirmation goes on and on daily, yearly, continually and at every turn as we near the coming of the Christ .. Messiah always confirms the words of his prophets … click

It is essential that you read all links on the article connected in order to get the full blessing .. enjoy!......

Bonus Note from abroad ...
Hello Pastor Paul,
Thank you for the Videos and Newsletters. I use them in Internet-Pal-Talk rooms to test how much the professing-Christians there know about Truth as Father leads .. ref/1 Peter 4:11.

Almost all Christians everywhere have a real problem with Acts chapter 5. What happened to Ananias and Sapphira I ask? Well there are 2 possible outcomes ‘According to most Christians’.

A&S were never Saved or they were taken straight to heaven.!!!

I give them answers from your Newsletters, but they say A&S can’t be in (in line for) hell !!.. OSAS !!.. Absolute Predestination of course.

I then ask, if that is so, what do verses 11-13 of Acts Chapter 5 mean.?
Why would none of The Rest dare to join the Apostles and what did the Whole Church fear?

That question the administrators of the Internet-Pal-Talk rooms dare not answer!....

Your article on “Dave Hunt" has the answer to this sticky question,well, sticky for most, because most Christians believe that God no longer judges .. believers who do not repent of their sin after they are Saved/Born-Again ..Click

A pastor (multi-millionaire Goat herder) Joseph Prince teaches that the first Epistle, of the apostle John-chapter one, was written to agnostics and Does Not apply to The Church. Only chapters 2 through 5 apply to The Church.

So he teaches that once you say a prayer you are saved forever, no matter what you do after that. He says that showers of Mercy and Grace are new from God every day without repentance .. Click

It is written in my bible in Revelation chapter 22 verse 19..”'if anyone takes away from the Words of the Book of prophecy, GOD , will take away his/her part from the Book of Life. Unless my understanding of English is very wrong, that means a destination called Hell.

As a disciple of the dreaded Pastor Sheehan from Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission Australia…. I will say this .. while I was in Malaysia, by the power of the Holy Spirit 500,000 Bibles, Tracts and Newsletters went out to people from many different countries. Now, that I’m living in China the Truth from your Little Church-Ministry goes out to Hundreds of Christians every week via me on Internet-Pal Talk. A few agree with HIS Truth, but most do not want to know that He, Christ Jesus is coming soon.

Pastor Sheehan, I think you would be surprised how many sheep your Church-Ministry has touched over the years.

Some Pastors with huge church numbers will not enter the Kingdom, because they are leading those who were coming to Christ, down the broad path that leads to hell. They have made potential sheep into goats (with their selfish-permission) through many deceptions.

These pastors and their followers are angry now with the Truth from your Website, but if they would just read the whole counsel of God, they would see the error of Their Ways. But they do not want to, because they love the Praises of their Followers and other Church Leaders.

And their followers love to hear that to be Saved, you just say a one-time prayer and that is the End of the matter. Business as usual.

But the truth is the truth, and the Bible is all true. Christ Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. There is NO other way.
Encourage one another daily as that day draws near .. God Bless,
Bro: Paul Ryan – China … ‘Church News Abroad’