(silver and gold have we none/Saint Peter) .. click

Hi Brother Paul,
I have given your web site to some (professing) Christians????.. One and all have said no thank you ….
J .. Click
However there is a false teacher who you might want to write/warn about and he is Joseph Prince/Joseph Prince Ministries. I believe he is the most successful Con-Man ever produced by Rome and their Jesuits.
He has 24,000 members and a church Building worth, wait for it, in Singapore dollars .. One Billion. He proudly tells on his web site that he raised 24 Million Dollars on one Sunday's takings .. Click

He has an answer for every way that ..You Can Not Lose/Forfeit .. your salvation … Click

I sent a friend the first chapter of "The Cost of Discipleship" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It is called ‘Costly Grace’. He told me the pastor is too radical ..

This Joseph teaches that you will be successful in this world. He has written a book called "Destined to Reign" which is all about the church ruling this world.

He ‘uses’ Ephesians to push his point on Cheap Grace and doing what you like. This Prince is going as far as to say that everyone might be saved...

His Kingdom is Not of this World ..Click
All the Best
Brother: Paul Ryan
China .. 30.05.2012

PS .. They reckon that there are (real) Christians here in China , I’d like to know where, I have ministered here for six years and I haven’t struck one yet .. click
Note from JTCM-Mission … Brother Thomas Loftus who has spent equal time in China says the exact same thing as brother Ryan regarding Chinese -Christians, out of the mouths of two or more (bonafide) the script says. One only has to look at Joseph Princes associates and fan club to see who he really is …. click