The following is a sample only of an interview transcript for the SBS program, Dateline, which was taken from the website,

The interview was between George Negus and Cardinal George Pell on Wednesday, 6 April 2005.

George Negus: Cardinal, I don't mean this in a facetious or sacrilegious way, but how does the Holy Spirit guide people like yourself in the conclave when there has to be politics involved, there has to be ideology involved, there has to be numbers involved, is the Holy Spirit a good political numbers man?

Cardinal George Pell: No, sometimes He gets it right, sometimes He gets it wrong. But the Holy Spirit always works through free individuals. We try to listen to one another, we try to think, we try to discern what the church needs and to come to some consensus. The Holy Spirit only works through humans and through natural means generally. I've received no special inspiration.

George Negus: It' s interesting though; you said sometimes the Holy Spirit can get it wrong?

Cardinal George Pell: Yes, well there have been bad popes in history.
● My comment: Firstly, I will point out that I oppose the untrue comments spoken by George Pell in that interview, and I especially oppose the disrespectful and untrue comment that he made about the Holy Spirit when he said, 'sometimes He gets it right, sometimes He gets it wrong'.

It is important that I point out that the Holy Spirit is God, and He never gets anything wrong. His ways are always just, righteous and true (ref: Revelation 19 :1-9).

I do agree that there have been bad popes in history, which does not surprise me because I know that the Holy Spirit does not lead the Roman Catholic Church and that the Roman Catholic Church does not even belong to the Lord Jesus Christ; it has no part with Him no matter how hard its members work or how long they pray or read....2 Timothy 3:7.

The Roman Catholic Church is not the true church of the Lord Jesus, but it is the Mother Harlot Church of Christendom, which is known by the writings in the Holy Bible as, "Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth" (ref: Revelation 17 :1-6).

Just in case any Christians and Roman Catholics do not know: Roman Catholics are not followers of Lord Jesus Christ, thus they are not Christian. Roman Catholics follow another form of doctrine called, 'Roman Catholicism', which is mostly contrary to Lord Jesus' exclusive teaching.

Therefore, Christians must separate from Roman Catholics and not share in their sins, but they may warn any Roman Catholics that want to listen and warn Christians that whoever denies the Lord Jesus' specific teaching and follows other beliefs and teaching about another Jesus that they will end up in eternal hell fire - unless they repent. Ref: 2 Corinthians 6 :11-18, ,2 John 9-11, Revelation 18 :1-5.

Roman Catholics and their leaders such as popes, so-called priests, cardinals or any others are not born again Christians, and Roman Catholic priests are not real priests of Lord Jesus, as He is the one and only great high priest in heaven, who has a holy - royal - priesthood of His loyal servants, who are not recognized as priests by society in general (ref: Hebrews 6 :17-20, 1 Peter 2 :4-10).

Roman Catholics including their leaders are not born of the word of God and not born of the Holy Spirit, but they are unsaved, churched religious people.

Whoever wants to follow Lord Jesus must first sincerely repent of their sins, receive lord Jesus as their personal saviour and then believe/obey Lord Jesus' New Testament teachings written in the Holy Bible. People must be born of the word of God and be born of the Holy Spirit.

After a person repents of their sins and receives Lord Jesus as their saviour, they need to turn a completely new direction in life. They need to choose to do what Lord Jesus calls them to do and obey His exclusive teaching. They should also be water baptized by full immersion in water and not sprinkled with water as is done with the form of infant baptism performed by certain Christendom churches including Roman Catholic churches. Infant baptism is not true believer's baptism and not biblical.

Most importantly, a person that chooses to follow Lord Jesus must follow the leading of the Holy Spirit by obeying Lord Jesus' New Testament teachings in the Holy Bible. Salvation is found in no other god nor is it found in systems of human organised religions.

● Ref: Acts 2: 36-41; 4: 8-12, John 3: 1-8, Mark 1: 14-15, Matthew 3: 13-17.

Moreover, Christendom including all of its lying churches and denominations is not the true church of Lord Jesus Christ, as it again follows a different form of doctrine to Lord Jesus' teaching, so Christians must also come out from among these churches or else they will eventually share in their sins and then be condemned to eternal hell with them.

Furthermore, popes, Roman Catholic priests and any people of the Roman Catholic Church are not anointed by God to teach or preach the true gospel of Lord Jesus. If an instance occurs where a backslidden minister/former Christian joins the Roman Catholic Church and teaches or preaches to people about the god of Roman Catholicism, that person is also unstable and not able to lead people in the right direction while he is learning and practicing falsehood. If you think that you are Christian, test the teaching of the minister or professing minister you may learn from. Ref: Acts 17: 11, Ephesians 4: 11-24, Matthew 7: 13-27, 1 John 4: 1.

I fully advise against learning about the Jesus of the Roman Catholics from roman Catholics including Cardinal George Pell. I also advise against being in fellowship/friendship with any lying Christendom churches, cults or individuals with heretical beliefs. If people learn about another Jesus or another god from ministers or professing Christians of such churches or cults, they will eventually be guilty of sharing in their sins, and thus reap condemnation when they are judged by the true Lord Jesus - unless they depart from there and choose to actually follow Lord Jesus' instructions.

Lying churches of Christendom, cults and lying individuals are not led by Lord Jesus but are led by blind leaders of blind followers, so both of them will end up in hell - unless they get away from there and repent of their known sins.

Christians need to learn from a minister of the gospel. They need to learn from a man called into ministry by the true Lord Jesus. The true Lord Jesus' teaching is in the Holy Bible. They need to learn from a man who follows the New Testament teachings. Christians also need to read the words of God in the Holy Bible, which they should do daily if they can read. If they cannot read, they need to listen as another person reads to them.
Teaching the un-adulterated word of God
● Brother Thomas Loftus, unprofitable servant of Lord Jesus
Acts 17: 11
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