‘Brother: Eli Fernando Soriano the False Proclaimer’
of the Members Church of God International in the Philippines

WARNING! .... MCGI .. is a Religious Cult …. WARNING!

Let me start by saying that False Prophets are renown for having a sea of followers. Most of Soriano’s collection of gulls are from the Philippines. Many take the Wide Road and False Teaching is always a wide-open road which panders to the degenerated souls of the people.

And what better soil could Mr Soriano sow his ‘devilish seed’ into than one of the most religiously-confused nations on planet earth, the Philippines. I reckon he may have even picked up a few tips from old Imelda Marcos along the (Wide Road) Way. These mongrel breed teachers know the people love to have it so but what will they do in the end?

Soriano no doubt is simply another Apollo Quiboloy, what we know in the west as a Benny Hinn, a Ken Copeland or Joyce Meyer even closer to home Brian and Bobby Houston, just cheap tricksters, lovers of money and power in disguise… Click

Soriano like Quiboloy, the Iglesia Ni Cristo, the JWs, the Roman Catholic System, the Mormons, the Moonies, the Yonggi Cho’s, the Pentecostals-AOG and others, all have this deluded belief and habit of promoting and trusting in their particular Denomination-Church, for their Salvation, rather than ‘The Christ-The Head of The Church’ through Faith-Obedience. Which is false teaching and proves up front, that they are not of the True Church.. (made without hands) .. Click

The Apostle Paul and every other true Minister of the Christ always promote Jesus the Christ, even Holy Ghost promotes The Christ Jesus… ref/ John 16: 13, 14.

It is well known and documented in the teachings of Soriano that he rejects the Godhead (of Colossians 2:8-10) and believes and teaches that..
The Father is Almighty God and Savior. The Father is greater than Jesus and Holy Spirit. Jesus is .. Mighty God but not the ‘Almighty’ God, like His Father. But He-Jesus is Greater than the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is part of Father and Jesus and is also called God but He is not a Person” .. Eli Soriano. . (end of quote). Are you confused yet?... J
Mr Eli Soriano of The Old Path-MCGI ..
• Teaches that God is not capable of doing everything .. (He’s not omnipotent).
• Teaches that God doesn't know everything… (He’s not omniscient)
• Teaches that God is not present everywhere… (He’s not omnipresent)
• Teaches Christ as being Sinful at one time.. (Denies Jesus Sinless-Perfection)
• Teaches that the Apostles were prone to error when teaching the Gospel, yet Soriano claims he can answer any question. I’m sure you would find all these heresies and more if you went to his web site or you tube channel.

As opposed to the teachings of JTCM-Mission which state very clearly and unashamedly to all, that .. Jesus the Christ is God Almighty, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Sinless and that the teachings of the Apostles are infallible, given that they were Inspired by God Himself. Eli Soriano of MCGI-Philippines defames the Name, Majesty and Doctrine of Jesus the Christ-Almighty God and has not the Spirit of God-Yahweh .. ref/Revelation 1:8.

Apparently Eli Fernando Soriano has gone into hiding in an unknown country that has no diplomatic relationship with the Philippines. He is on the ‘Bureau of Immigration Watch List’ and Interpol. He is presently on the run from Authorities relating to various Libel Cases and an ongoing hearing on a Rape charge in 2006 of one of his male Ministers-Daniel Veridiano @ MCGI (or is that the Members Church of Gays International). Soriano was said to have raped this male Minister several times within his membership days with MCGI, certainly no (mistake, accident or) isolated incident .. (ref/Posted on September 16, 2011 by laplanaangel).

Beware of Wolves-Dogs, in Woolen Garments ..


Pastor: Paul Sheehan
Acts 6:4, Galatians 6:7
Postscript … Jesus says through Paul the Apostle .. “Find out what is acceptable to the Lord. And have no fellowship with (people who practise) the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them to all. For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret”… (yet another Command of God that professing Christians and their Ministers avoid today in order to fill seats $$$ ).. ref/Ephesians 5: 10-11… Click