How many of these TV Preachers, Pastors and bible teachers have met Jesus and heard him and been taught by him? estimations say very few, few find the narrow gate and few are taught by him - the Christ. And those who have met him, how many are they that are still with him today, in true fellowship and right standing with Father, the Christ - Jesus and holy ghost?......once again I say few. I always use the calculation called 'few' because this was one of the calculations my master and God used and uses in his doctrine, hence I must speak as the oracles/sayings of God......ref/2 Corinthians 13:5-8, Matthew 7:13, 14, Ephesians 4:20-24.

Jesus the Christ teaches us that he came to set the captive free, take our sins away, heal broken hearts, make wise, establish us on the rock/solid doctrine of the Christ and this all begins with the born-again experience through true repentance and a willful departure from all known sin. So how can we ever accept that devilish, backslidden, faithless attitude and teaching of 'Generational Issues and Sins' hounding us day and night after a true born-again experience has occurred. Dear friend, only ignorance permits such a thing. What your ancestors and generations before you have done, has no bearing on a born-again man or woman of any extraction, according to scripture. It is part of the 'born-again-new birth' blessing to be automatically delivered from......Generational-sins, degenerated promotions and degenerates, whether inside churches or outside. Take a good look at this simple piece of writ, this is enough to strangle any 'Degenerated Generational Rot' to death once and for


It is only ever degenerates who promote teachings that deny the full and complete outworking of the Christ on the tree. All religions of men and women promote such things that bind people to their organization, themselves and the funding of their luxury lives, lies and heresies. People have fallen for teachings about 'Generational Sins and Setbacks' coming on them and the present day generation of the born-again, second-birth peoples, saints of the most high God/Jesus the

This warped teaching and view is only the devil waylaying......gullible people weighed down with unrepented known-sin.....through these degenerated men and women in pulpits in prestige temples, sanctuaries and plush venues filled with deception and illusion.

Someone needs to speak out about these flea-bags and blow the trumpet and warn the peoples to stay clear of such teachings and teachers for they are dangerous and useless, aimless and powerless. And I put my hand up and Father said to me.....Go!......For the good hand of your God is upon you!

All 'Generational Sins' have been dealt with at the tree, just as Sabbaths, tithing, hopelessly going on in known sin and all truly repented sin. However, no sin, not one sin is dealt with by God unless the sinner repents and departs from that sin. No man or woman on the earth is accountable for anyone else's sin, whether that sin be committed yesterday or one thousand years ago......thanks be to the broken body and the shed blood of the Lamb, Jesus the Christ.

Generations have nothing to do with your salvation or your progression spiritually in the faith/doctrine of the Christ, neither do relatives, family or so called friends, husbands or wives. It is absurd to teach or promote that 'Generational Sins' have some kind of a hold on families and individuals after they have received the Christ as their saviour and Lord, God and Master. We do know through scripture that such things were valid in the shadow of the Old Testament as were sabbaths and tithes but these things are not existing in the - 'New Testament -Law of the Spirit in the Christ Jesus'................ ref/Romans 8:1-7.

Let's face it, the work that the Christ completed at the tree/Calvary's Tree was nothing short of awesome. It's just that we are surrounded by multitudes of 'Degenerates' who promote lies, half-truths and compromise for the sake of monies, control and fame.

It is and has to be as Paul the apostle said, forget the past and press on, take faith in what Messiah says and forget the former and lay hold of, seize, the day in the Christ and redeem it, make good with it for the glory of God and the kingdom of the Christ. Always being ready to call oneself an 'Unprofitable Servant' as the Christ has commanded and staying clear of any entanglement with the affairs of this life and world for it is all vanity of vanities, this is a good remedy for not living in the past generation's powerless mindset but are we willing to do it.

Surely the sons of God are those who are led by the spirit of God and holy ghost never leads outside of established canon, the doctrine of the Christ, for he is holy and by no means worldly........ref /Philippians 3:13, 14, Luke 17:10, 2 Timothy 2:1-4, Romans 8:14.......Selah.

The Degenerated Mind is the mind that is deteriorated, Jesus said this would happen to people who did not believe in him, he said they would perish, those who did not do as he said in his doctrine, they would perish, deteriorate in mind and moral and their teachings would prove and demonstrate this to all who have clarity of mind through holy ghost power and truth, it is the wages for their sin......ref/John 7:17, Luke 12:1-3, John 10:28.

These Degenerates also include in their religious-curriculum the idea that born-again Christians (as if there could be any other) can be demon-possessed and they are usually sticklers for casting the same demons out of the same church goers every Sunday without fail, like some kind of sporting event. All of this totally mocks the Word of God, the Work of the Christ on the Cross and holy ghost, the promise of Father, not to mention the Blood of the Lamb, it's degenerate to say the least.

Generationalism, like Culture and like relatives and family traditions, all fade under the born-again experience, new birth into the New Family Heritage - The Family of God Almighty. We actually become spiritual jews and we are more jew than the unsaved jew in Israel today.........ref/Romans 9:27, 1 Timothy 1:3-7.

For he is a true jew who is one inwardly and circumcision is that of the heart in the spirit and not in the letter whose praise is not from men and women but from God Almighty........ref/Romans 2:29.

What Jesus the Christ says and what men and women say are ages apart, as we have learned today in this letter, report. I must report of these Degenerates lurking around in the churches of the world today in hope and in hope believing that there may be a few, a remnant, that might quicken to the warning of the delusion they have been under for so many years and repent then depart from these crooks and the sins in their dens. The scriptures say that their teaching, message spreads like cancer and that they are nothing but profane and vain babble leading nowhere except to more unGodliness.......Ref/2 Timothy 2:14-19.

These religious crooks will wax worse and multiply as the days go by and multitudes will be deceived and snared as the economic situation worsens, especially in the USA but there is still a faithful remnant in the earth who have kept Messiah's Word and denied not his Name, these are faithful to the groom/the Christ, the one they were betrothed to and he will be faithful to them, for his name, Jesus the Christ's name is faithful......ref/Revelation 19:11.

Have a look at this one for a wolf in a white wooly coat......Pastor: Apollo C. Quiboloy of the church/business called......'The Kingdom of Jesus Christ'.......headquarters in the Philippines.

....One of the former members and ministers of 'The Kingdom of Jesus Christ' who now fellowships at 'Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission' in Bacolod City, gave me this report on the 22.8.2010, of this crook Quiboloy.....and to think that Mr. Quiboloy does all this, under the banner of 'Righteousness'............definitely an abundant feasting for this wolf in his white wooly coat.

1.. Mr. Quiboloy gives members capital to set up fund-raising outlets to solicit, draw monies into his church, actually his pocket. Did Jesus the Christ, the real Son of God promote or practice such a concept?.....I believe not, I can't find it in new testament script, can you?

2.. Collections go as follows......all the members are commanded to give tithes, offerings, monies to pay for leases on plush hotel venues to hold Sunday and Conference meets worldwide, collection for poor, children's foundation and wave offering. The Wave offering is when peoples in the congregation wave an envelope full of money at Quiboloy while they sing very reluctantly.....'I Surrender All'....prior to it being collected for Quiboloy.It's criminal isn't it?

And this man has the hide, the thick face to call himself the 'Appointed Son of God' on earth and the only hope for the Philippines and the world from what I can gather. The true Son of God- Jesus the Christ, never entertained such collections while he walked the dirt of the earth, Messiah actually had nowhere to lay his head and never asked once, for a tenth of his disciples or listeners monies, neither did Paul, Peter, John or James so the scriptures say. And Jesus did all that Father asked of him without fail, which is more than what any man that was ever born did for Father, Mr. (Self-Appointed Son of God) Quiboloy' included. Mr. Quiboloy thinks and teaches that 'Jesus is Father and the Son of God is Mr. Quiboloy', convenient but lies from the devil himself. Only those who have been handed over to the liar - the devil could accept that.....ref/2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.

 However there was a mention of tithes to the Pharisees who were still under law and neither do we find any evidence of tithing requests made to the disciples of the Christ in any letters of Peter or Paul, James or John the beloved, strange isn't it, no, just truth.

3.. Between October and December each year, each member is given an amount of monies that is to be raised and if you do not meet the telly you are out, asked to leave the Kingdom, so I am told. Mind you, some are required to meet anything from 1,000 pesos to 200,000 pesos, pending on your income I guess.

Borrowing monies or crediting monies to met the amount demanded is common place among the members. Apparently some can not even eat or take care of their daily financial commitments because off demands of all these offerings and selfish ambition of this cult leader, deceiver and imposter Mr. Quiboloy. There is only one word for people like this man Quiboloy and that is 'degenerate'.

His prophecy of the next President for the Philippines -2010 took a nose dive too, just as Mr. Nalliah's/Catch the Fire Ministries (another false teacher of the bible) prophecy of the next Prime Minister in Australia - 2007 took a nose dive, dramatic yes, but absolute lies from a deceiving

Mr. Quiboloy's doctrine is so far away from the truth it's a joke. Like all cult leaders they have a inconsistent, twisted, self-glorifying theology that a true-babe in the Christ could recognize as trash, if they were in right standing with Father.

And let me add, these cult leaders are always well endowed with monies, lands and possessions, all for the glory of God of course. So much unlike the lifestyles of the original apostles and prophets of the Christ, confirmed by script.

Yes, the lie is always believed by the majority, few find the narrow gate and Father hands the majority over to the lie because they did not want to receive, accept the wonderful love he wanted to give them through the truth/the Christ.....Jesus is God Almighty. Fear not little flock!.......ref/John 7:17, Revelation 1:8, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.

Pastor Paul Sheehan/JTCM - Mission, Philippines