Sister. Burachay Clavel is a young lady who stands on the truth and loves it. Burachay leads in the fellowship victory choruses in the JTCM-Mission Philippines, helps at the fellowship communion table and shares the infallible scriptures of the Christ wherever she may be and whenever she has a quickening by holy ghost to do so, without partiality. She is also very good with the children and was extremely helpful to Pastor Sheehan and his family during the 2010 Crusade in the Philippines and the establishing of JTCM-Mission,

This is what she has to say about the Christ and her life today in the Philippines.

I was a slave of sin, self and the world and my behaviour was a bad example inside my home and outside. I had no respect for my parents or any other authorities in my life. I was obviously a liar, ignorant, greedy and unhappy although wearing a smile. Could I be in any other condition as a sinner?......I don't believe so......ref/1 John 2:15-17, Psalm 32:1.

There was a time in my life, actually 2009 when I was struck down with DENGUE-Fever, this disease can kill without mercy and I nearly did die but the holy bible says that life and death is in Jesus the Christ's hand and if God Wills I will live tomorrow. God was very merciful to me....ref/James 4:15.

I was not aware till much later that Pastor Sheehan and his family were praying for me for a long time not only when I contracted DENGUE and great is the power of prayer. God had a plan for my life as he does with all of his peoples and it was when I came into contact with JTCM-Mission that everything in my life started to make sense. I came to my senses once hearing the true-message of the Christ through JTCM-Mission and repented of my sins, received Jesus as my lord and saviour, was water batised and now I go with God in the truth of  his word, it's a mighty way but also very trying.......ref/Luke 24:47.

Repentance is not just for old peoples, it is for all peoples of all nations to carry their sins to God and ask for his cleansing. In order to get to the place called 'forgiveness' we must first acknowledge our sinfulness and repent - turn away from our old sinful ways and follow the example of the Christ Jesus and Paul the apostle.....ref/Acts 17:29-31

God knows his people, he selects his disciples by their heart condition not as the way of men and women. God looks for the humble heart, he will not look upon the proud heart, he will abase them, have no part with him.....ref/1 Peter 5:5-7, Isaiah 66:1, 2.

I am content to be in the hands of the Christ Jesus today, I praise God and bless him for my salvation and gifts he has given me. Praise God he didn't pass me by, for he is always with me, as long as I am with him, this is what Pastor Sheehan has taught me and what I have come to know and see for myself through the infallible scriptures of the bible. May God bless you dear reader and may he make you a saint as he did me through his 'Spirit/holy ghost and his Truth/the doctrine of the Christ'......ref/Colossians 2:10, John 4:23, 24..........Dayawon!!!!!!!!!

February 15/