(they're no longer where they layed)
The month of October proved to be a little trying and a bit more, with the last week or so taking the headlines with my wife in the 'Riverside Medical (Centre) Hospital', Bacolod City, Philippines facing a ...."Gall Bladder Operation"....with the recommended removal of the bladder.......that never happened or did a miracle happen by the hand of the great and invisible physician. We'll let you make your own decision about that.

For three days running it was a roller-coaster ride of pain and unrest for the body of sister Juvy, complimented with broken nights of sleep for the family and the children were at sorts also, definitely a light affliction doing a work in us all, bringing forth a glorious result.

However, God is Sovereign and has his way of doing things and he always gets his way if you haven't noticed, for he is Lord. With the operation time and date set.....for the 3.11.2010 at 9.00am, I arose early this morning and my son came to me with a hospital ...ID Card.....which is needed for multiple entry into the hospital but I said to brother Shadrach..."I won't be needing that son" really not knowing what I was fully saying. Unbeknown to me, today was the day that sister Juvy was to be sovereignly healed and released from the hospital by the Grace/power of the all powerful one.....Jesus the Christ.....ref/1 Corinthians 13:9.

Anyway I proceeded to the hospital and entered the hospital by showing my drivers license. When I entered Ward 7 where my wife was and opened the door to her room and there she was, sitting up in bed with a big smile on her face and her face was shining like a light, I was at a loose end.........I honestly didn't know what to think, the operation had obviously already been performed and only she and sister Burachay knew about it and no one else in the hospital and sister Juvy still has her gall bladder into the bargain.

She has no pain at all just a holy ghost assurance that Jesus the Christ has healed her sovereignly over-night while she slept......ref/Genesis 2:21.

She actually awoke from her wonderful sleep around 5am with a word from the Christ......'Don't have the Operation'.....and when she woke sister Burachay to tell her, sister Burachay had one scripture in her heart for sister Juvy that she got in a bible reading that night at the hospital, which was........


She said that she slept like a baby, without any pain whatsoever and she had at her side if needed a member of the Mission, sister Burachay Clavel (sister of brother Clark Clavel) who was there to pray and comfort sister Juvy but both fell asleep with a heavenly sleep and sister Juvy woke up this morning fresh as a daisy, with no pains or aches in her stomach, back or body, in fact, she felt like a new woman. The operation was obviously done and dusted while she slept by the great physician......Jesus the Christ, the one she loves and the one who loves

We were so filled with awe, joy and gratitude to the Christ, we have no words to explain the complete story.....just absolute alive!.....glory halleluyah!

As we prepared to depart from the hospital certain forms had to be signed and witnessed so that surgeons and hospital staff were not held responsible for anything that may happen or arise from my wife's decision on waiving the operation. And the document was signed by a young nurse, sister Levy who was a disciple of the Christ also. A Christian witness who also received prayer and Father touched her and tears appeared, tears of joy of course..........she also believes in 'Miracles - happenings with no logical explanation'.

I believe it is a must, to believe in miracles, if you are to live in a country like the Philippines.

It wasn't long and two other ladies in the room wanted prayer and received the Christ into their lives, in a little while the doctor came as the formality  goes and she along with all others in the room and in the hospital for that matter, that we came in contact with received JTCM literature, what a day.......O, what a saviour!

Last night at the Mission we had our usual teaching meet and we all prayed that sister Juvy would have a smooth operation and a speedy recovery while sister Juvy laid in hospital waiting on Messiah. A sister at the meet who received the Christ only a week or so ago gave witness of her son who was suffering from  severe liver problems, Romao, he is 27 years old.

Yes, JTCM-Mission prayed in one accord for this young man and he has recovered and returned to work last night. And praise the Christ for keeping the little boy last week who was hit by a speeding taxi outside the Mission. This 4 year old boy Joshua, was running across the road and he was hit hard and fell to the ground, all thinking he was dead.

The impact was so hard and dramatic I heard it upstairs in the office of the Mission and I myself thought that a Jeepny had hit a Carabao, for we get a few Carabao's passing down the highway past the Mission.

But no, it was a little boy and when I went down stairs I was in one mind only....."everyone shut up and let's pray" we prayed on the spot, about 9 of us from the Mission and agreed that the boy would be free from brain damage, body damage and that he would have a miracle recovery to the glory of the Lamb - Jesus the Christ..........and he did!...........ref/Luke 11:9, 10.

Around 2-3 hours later a man came to the Mission who was at the scene of the accident who saw us break into 'on the spot power-pray' and said that all concerned are very grateful for the churches care and prayer and the boy is well and recovering.

Some time later we received the report that the cat-scans on the boys head were negative and he has not one broken bone and all he has is a few scratches on his head. You can be assured that Jesus the Christ loves the little children. Little Joshua visited us today with his dad.

Yes. it was a wonderfilled end to the month of October 2010 and we at JTCM-Mission are expecting and already know by faith in the Faith-Word, that many more mighty things will happen here at our little fellowship in the Philippines.....glory to the lamb of God who came to take away the sins of the world, inside the churches and outside.....ref/Hebrews

Pastor Paul Sheehan

JTCM-Mission, Suntal Village, Bacolod City, Philippines

3rd November 2010

PS.....Apparently there were many 'gall stones' clustering together according to the 'ultra sound' specialist. But the operation was done and dusted as I have already said in this report, before any human doctor could get their scalpel out, the surgeons name was........

DR. Jesus the Christ/DBR, GC (death, burial and resurrection power and Great Commissioner) he is the resurrection and the life the one who resides at the right hand of Father in glory, the head of all principalities and powers.......Almighty God.....ref/Revelation 1:8.


The great physician, the very same doctor that healed and delivered me from the claws of death and pain when my heart was attacked in an 8 hour battle on the 4th March 2008. When I was told by doctors that if I didn't have a tube put in my heart and take 5 pills every day for the rest of my life I would die soon.

But I looked to the author and finisher of life itself and he heard me and saved me, as he did my wife and whosoever will trust him whole-heartedly.......glory to Jesus the Christ - the God of all flesh!.....halleluyah!

Note: Doctors reports and confirmation sheets are available for all unbelievers as witness of the event and findings, along with the surgical operation booking and the discharge papers.

Yes, the stones were rolled away, they are no longer where they lay, where are they?.....we don't know, we walk by faith! the Son of God....let everyone rejoice for Jesus is the Christ!!!!