(Lying signs and wonders, amazing isn't it...some may say....Amazing Grace, whoever she is when she's around)

The holy bible/God-Jesus the Christ’s infallible word  says that in the last days confusion, stubbornness and men and women's religions would plague the earth along with many other brands of sin and the peoples will absolutely love it that way…and he was right, again, as per usual….Jeremiah 5:31, Psalm 60:3, 2 Timothy 3:1-5…Selah.

 One of the latest religious- confusions is a love story clip from the tele-vision  telling the public of The Tribe of Judah (Judas) christian?.. motor-cycling  club  trucking down the highway side by side with a rebel Bike Gang. Apparently they were joining hands and forces to collect  goodies for their Charity Fling. And it is a fling and it is only for a very short time and it makes good for all kinds of things, especially when it takes the heat off the rebel gangs who are being targeted by police in the past few years. A real lucky dip thing with something there for everyone, especially Ted Walker .Yes, I myself being a biker of old and surely a rebel-rouser and most probably more rebel back then than most  rebel –rousers today. I was rather well  known in my Jerusalem (hometown) ,as  a drunken labourer who pushed concrete for and drank booze with rebel bikers  and criminals  therefore  know too well that rebel bikers have no real liking  for or affiliation with so called Christian –motor cyclists, that is, if they are true  rebel bikers,…not the ones I knew anyway. I ask you to do a Google on…. the word-Rebel….,I am  sure  that  you will not find it to mean… holy, saint, faithful and true, gentle and pure. … honesty, truth and humility, Jesus as number one. However, these are the last days and anything can be expected ,satan  is pretty tricky…

I hope I am painting this picture clearly.. It surely is yet  another view of the good-deeds department of all types, kinds and walks of religions and beliefs, a Super-Dooper Ecumenical  Random  Acts  of Kindness Thing. Yes, random, flash in the pan, fling. Maybe the tribe of Judah,/Ted Walker is attempting to  wean rebel bikies onto this Jesus Stuff, something I don’t find in scripture, Jesus weaning ,gradually encouraging people to admit they are worthless- sinners heading for hell fire eternal, while  on joy walks, black- ribbon days for sinners or charity runs  through the Gaza Strip on modified camels or having a men's breakfast at the five star hotel in Damascus, (with extra toast because the religious group paid in advance, by credit card) hoping that the food and the sunny sermon will turn the sinner from self and the pen of sin-insanity to the holy God of Israel/Jesus who says  that the unrepentant… immoral, the homosexual, the thief, the liar, the idolater (including those who idolize porn ,motor cycles, cars and thuggery ,houses, lands, temples and self, family, achievement and monies) will never enter his kingdom but be cast, thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone for eternity…ref/Revelation 21:8,Matthew 5:27-30,Matthew 5:13……(who invented the place called hell-fire)?... Selah.

Yes, it's called rubbing them, getting them into heaven and leaving all unoffended and thinking that they are not so bad a bloke or chick  after all and the ones that didn’t make a verbal (lip) declaration will get the opportunity next time for there is always a next time there?.. or is now the time of salvation? ..ref/2 Corinthians 6:2….click

Who knows ,Angry Anderson the rock singer might be next, then again maybe not, if he's true to his song…...He Won’t Be Beatin!!!!.. especially by that Jesus stuff, well not the biblical Jesus, the one who said, without holiness… you will not… see God.

The We are the World.. Band-Aid…Save the Tree, Whale and Koala… Help Haiti and don’t forget the Indonesian Muslims offerings wired direct from the government coffers, yes, the unsaved and even the anti-Christ peoples worldwide singing together in one accord a great song of love, as they pray in public (a real good showing in the flesh) especially in New York City, the birthplace of Sex and the City, a box office educational buster worldwide especially for the youth groups  and career mums, if there is such a person. While they cry help, help, help ,peace  ,peace , peace and then cometh sudden destruction…… Matthew 6:5. But Jesus the Christ is still saying the same thing  today as he said through St Paul the apostle hundreds of years ago and it was to saints, living saints who most of never done one miracle in their entire  life … Do you want to be mine and mine alone?.. well come out from among them and be separated to me…ref/2 Corinthians 6:11-18.Yes,the Corinthian saints were restricting themselves by their affections. In today's world and churches  we have so called Christian bikies running with unrepentant rebel bikers and no man or woman can be rebelling against God/Jesus  and holy it’s one or the other. Although I have met the occasional biker who has told me bare faced that he has his own relationship with’ the man upstairs’, that quote alone is doubtful and full of disrespect. We have papal clergy hugging one –time protestants, church leaders turning human –rights activists, Mums in the pulpits dictating to men (males) who dream about being a man and males and females who go away to (bible colleges) to learn how to be logical and fit in with the world ‘s standards and  demands with no theo/God in any of it, not the God of gods/Jesus the Christ anyway….click

The kind of  stuff the Ecumenical Church (mixed- bag- religion) master in and peddle and don’t mind broadcasting it either. This kind of behaviour definitely conflicts with  Messiah/the Christ of the holy bible but sits perfectly with the other Jesus (false- christ that will deceive multitudes) and lying signs and wonders will be thrown in as a draw card/ bonus. All in the one package –deal called ..the Highway to Hell….click

 At the end of the day what we have is peoples  worldwide  who are actually in full agreeance with the spirit of Anti-Christ and most  don’t even know it because they know not the judgements of God, they are silly peoples  and never have they ever been taught ,told nor have they  desired  the ‘Way of Messiah’ because they  are self-ish, therefore have fallen head-first  into the pit of strong- delusion which causes them to believe every lie told…ref/2 Thessalonians 2:10,11.

So what’s it going to be .. running with the devil or running with Almighty God/Jesus the Christ  ???.the holy bible tells us that one other time the people favoured Barabbas an unrepentant criminal over Messiah, (when it came to crunch time) the one who knew no sin. I hope you make the right decision….ref/.John 18:3-5,Matthew 27:15-26….click 

The spirit of anti-christ operates outside of (the true translation of) bible scripture yet poses as one who upholds scripture and( forever says ,Jesus is Lord!...Lord!.. Lord!.. but not their Lord and)  once examined  is revealed to  be of that great rebel of old, satan the devil the father of all liars…ref/John 8:42-45.

PS....... At the National Press Club on the 27.1.2010 .. the Rev. John Smith of the God’s Squad, Christian?.. motorcycle club said he has close friends who were roman catholic and he also had good friends around the world who belonged to rebel-bike gangs, he actually called them his brothers…. Ref/Luke 8:21.

Yes, it is the end-times  but Mr. Smith was always a compromiser and more of a human-rights activist than a preacher of the Christ, this makes for popularity unending. But what will he do in the end?... the same as all compromisers and lukewarm church goers I guess, his tongue will stick to the roof of his mouth or denture, whatever the case.