(London, England)—At a SOLD-$$$ out International Evening at Westminster Chapel Saturday October 20, 2012.. “Leading The Way” Founder and President Dr. Michael Youssef, challenged everyone to urgently occupy themselves with the work of the Lord, before the return of Christ… ref/Micah 3:11, 2 Corinthians 2:17… Click
And why wouldn’t he pack the house (for a fee $$$ of course) with a doctrine that lines up perfectly with the .. ‘WESTMINSTER CONFESSION’… He is certainly in the right house to be in demand, slapped on the back and smiled at. Not to mention his close relationship with that Religious Crook .. Mrs Joyce Meyer who hood-winks every gullible, desperate, insecure and unlearned woman in town. Deceptively calling her Material Greed and ill Gotten Gain (attained by her husbands Marketing Skills) .. ‘The Blessing of God on her Life’…. Click

It is this type of character (Michael Youssef) that the false teacher ..Danny Nalliah of ‘Catch the Fire Ministries’ promotes and boasts about on his web site, along with TBN, yes ,birds of a feather do flock together .. Click

As my unsaved Dad used to say .. “Son, they’re as cunning as a ‘Dunny Rat’ .. they can run around the edge of the dunny bowl all day and never fall in”.. Click

Sold $$$ out Con-Ferences but NOT …. Sold out to God Almighty is, ‘Another Gospel’.
Pastor: Paul Sheehan/East Coast Prophet
JTCM-Mission, Australia.
PS .. Dr.Youssef the Calvinist nowadays is numbered with the all-time ‘Great Peddlers $$$’ of the Holy Bible such as .. Jim & Donny Swaggart, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Jerry Savelle, Jesse Duplantis, Paul Crouch, Billy Graham, Leroy Jenkins, Chuck Swindoll, Charles Stanley, R.C. Sproul, Benny Hinn, Marilyn Hickey, Ken Copeland, Rex Humbard, Pat Robertson, James Robison, Jack Hayford, Nicky Cruz/Convert of Dave Wilkerson-deceased, Yonggi Cho and time does not permit me to number the ongoing multitude of Wealthy-False Gospel Salespersons wandering the globe today like hungry wolves preying on Lost Souls. Any Gospel Message sold for Monies $$$ and says you can’t forfeit your Salvation is a False Gospel .. beware lest anyone, man or woman take your Crown and you end up Hell Bound.