Portions taken directly from the CTFM Site......published July 13/2011......(Danny Nalliah - Catch the Fire

'Rise Up Australia' Vision.........'The Lord Gave'.....to transform Australia by 2020

  1. I asked the Lord whether He wants me to stop being a Pastor and go into government. The answer was clear. If you do that you will become just another politician. He sais to me, "You will be an Apostle to the Government and the Nation".
  2. When your backyard (Australia) is in a mess, why are you running allover the world to win the lost. Your country Australia is 'Materially Rich' but spiritually bankrupt. However, Ethiopia is materially poor, but 'Spiritually Rich'.
  3. I believe with all my heart that over the next 10-20 years......'we can'.......turn Australia around and see her worship Jesus as the King of kings and the Lord of lords!
  4. I would greatly appreciate your support, prayer and practical love 'to see this vision come to fulfillment'.
  5. I asked the Lord as to what must I do, and He said to give Him 20 years of my life for Australia and that.......'He Will'........give Australia by 2020 as an inheritance'.........Mr. Daniel Nalliah, end of quotes.

Comment/Critique by Pastor: Paul Sheehan/JTCM-Mission, Australia.

I have no other way of expressing the stupidity and dishonesty of this vision of this religious glory hunter Mr. Nalliah, than to say ....."What a Crock of..................."
  1. ....An Apostle to the Government and Nation of Australia?.......I have heard of apostles but not apostles to the Government. Must be another Pentecostal Cliché ...exalting oneself above measure even above scripture.

    Danny is already just another Politician, he forever lies and gets away with it on a daily basis. We all witnessed the results of the 'Apostle to the Government and Nation' in the last two elections......check this out for apostolic and prophetic truth (not) coming to pass........click.
  2. ...Australia Materially Rich?..........are you serious Mr. Nalliah or just plain deluded?......Ethiopia Spiritually Rich?...............click.

    People in their ignorance, think because a nation, race or individuals are poor they are automatically spiritually rich and even saved from damnation, purely because they are poor materially, this is deception and satanic wisdom, if anything. Especially when they think, mean or insinuate that all the poor are spiritually rich toward Jesus the Christ, the only wise God. Few find the narrow gate says Messiah, let alone nations or a nation. The true Church/Body of the Christ will come 'out of' all nations to make the 'One Holy Nation'......The Peoples of God/Yahweh. But there is not one scripture in the holy bible to tell of any 'complete nation' coming to the Christ and being saved from sin, self, satan, the wrath to come and hell fire eternal!......not one, not even of Israel......ref/Romans 9:27........click.
  3. We Can!.............turn Australia around. Sounds a little Can Do Manish, don't you think? .......it has that Newman, Rudd, Obama smell about it, nothing original. Here we have a real political minded example, where Mr. Nalliah puts himself in a position where it is now......WE!.......WHO CAN DO IT...........and paves himself yet another path for his future-escape from any responsibility if the job isn't pulled off. 'We', therefore if it doesn't happen it wasn't because of ...ME!......but all the others who didn't pray, fast, finance and fake it in order to make it.......click.

    We Can......sounds a little doubtful to me, how about you?......after all, I thought God Said!.....wasn't all this a 'Vision Given to Danny by God' and if God calls someone to do something doesn't he meet the call, will he not do what he says?

    These were the words of John Howard and Peter Costello 'after' Danny Nalliah anointed Costello with oil for the PM Position (back in 2007) that he never got, that 'God apparently said' he would have......listen to this "We might win, we could win, we don't know yet.......it is up to the Australian People'.....Jesus never got a mention from the lips of either Howard the professing Christian or Costello the professing Christian. And this was after Nalliah anointed Costello with oil and prophesied kingship over him, succeeding Howard,.......how embarrassing, more than that shameful...........click.

    And God has even set the date, going by Danny's Vision-Headlines Above.......
    A complete transformation of the country from Darlinghurst to every Rebel Motor Cycle Club of the nation, along with the closure of every Porn Shop/Outlet and every drug runner and dealer nationwide.

    All the way through the foyers of every crooked Finance Company and Business in town to the crooked Cops, Lawyers, Judges, Real Estates and Churches of all religious beliefs by the year 2020, from the 'Great South Land of Paganism to the Great South Land of Worshipping Jesus'......the entire nation of Australia worshipping Jesus the Christ in spirit and truth......hello?.

    If I wasn't a saint, disciple of the Christ I would probably believe it but because I follow Jesus, the Jesus of the holy bible I can not believe this ridiculous (tale) vision for one day. For as it was in the days of the prophet Noah, so shall all nations be, save a remnant 'Before the coming of the Son of Man/Jesus the Christ'............click.
  4. ...Support, prayer and practical love.........that 'we' may fulfill the vision. No person enters politics with a $50 note, there is a lot of monies tied up here and Daniel will be needing monies to see this vision that God (supposedly) invented, come to pass. When I read the bible I come to see that when God ever put men in Kingship or Authoritive positions he sorted it all, there was no rallying......as many as.....together in order to push someone into a seat that is not for them.

    Danny Nalliah reminds me of another would-be politician by the name of Pauline Hanson, a real slogger but just wasn't cut out for the grind. Apparently Pauline was a cracker at doing the fish and chips in Ipswich, truly gifted and that is an honourable post, given the muck that these 'Fish and Chip' shops dish up nowadays, it's a disgrace. It's best to know your call and stick to it, lest God gets wrath with us and wipes us all together.........ref/1 Samuel 15:22, 23.........Selah.
  5. ...He Will!......So we are now on the fifth blunder of 'Danny's ambitious Vision' and a real cherry on the Christendom Cake if ever there was one. According to Danny himself God is going to give him the land of Australia as an inheritance in exchange for 20 years of religious-service to God.

    So we have it here in front of us, (although contrary to his number 4 comment) God is going to do the transformation of the country of Australia from 'Pagan - Arrogance to God Fearing/Jesus  Fearing' people before the year 2020 and Danny Nalliah is going to be the leading instrument through whom God is going to do this'.

    Could this mean that the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Footballer's and the Roman Catholics are going to turn to Jesus the Christ and become servants, saints, disciples and children of the only wise God/Yahweh? Renouncing their connections and relationships with......such gods as Allah, Buddha, Football, Food and the Pope. Hillsong will become trillionaires overnight.......$$$$$$......click.
Here is a sample of what we are dealing with, with but one of these gods.

At the mass of installation of the new Archbishop of New York City, St. Patrick's Cathedral, 34th Street, his 'Excellency The Most Reverend' Timothy Dolan said in his homily to a packed house (of course) ....."The Roman Catholic Church really has no treasure but her faith in the Lord. Which is not bad at all, as we shrug and say with Peter and John in the Acts of the Apostles......Silver and Gold we have not but what we have we give".......23.2.2009, installed 15.4.2009........click.

Let me say it again just in case someone didn't hear me......."What a Crock of hypocrisy"....

In summary: We have a bloke here who thinks he is the........Apostle to the Australian Government and Nation, he thinks that he and others can do this national transformation job, then again he says that God said 'He Will' hand the country into his hands, no maybe's about it. Remember the 'Lord Gave' this vision to Danny. Danny just has to honour his 20year contract. The Mental Institutions are filled with people with such mindsets, all because they were not attended to by sober God-Fearing people early in the peace........click.

I wonder what the Australian Government and the Australian People think about having an Indian of the Pentecostal Religion as their Aussie-Indian Spiritual Leader and Adviser?......Who knows, they might get to like it, Australians have fallen in love with bigger media tarts than Danny Nalliah......ref/The Dalai Lama, The Pope, Tony Abbott and what about William and Catwalk-Kate...........click.

An Aussie to the Aussies
Pastor: Paul Sheehan, Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission, Australia...........
15th July 2011

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Postscript.......The Muslim society worldwide are forever whinging about people insulting Islam but what about the name of Jesus displayed on a billboard as a prophet of Islam. .Jesus is as much a prophet of Islam as I am a Rhodes Scholar. Islam and 'The Way of Yahweh' are as far apart as heaven is from hell. The sign below is an insult to any disciple of the Christ but Jesus did say that blessed are you when you are insulted, persecuted or spitefully used for doing 'good-the doctrine of the Christ'.

Jesus is not just 'The Greatest Prophet' of all true prophets ever but he is also 'God Almighty-Yahweh'. Offenses will come but (cursed are they) woe unto them by whom they come.......ref/Acts 3:23, Revelations 1:8, Colossians 2:9, 10................click

Bonus word/late addition........18.7.2011........We had a look at the Channel 10/TV Show last night called ........'Master Chef' a supposed reality show and the guest judges on the show were varied and the Dalai Lama was the main god/judge at this feast who was taste-testing the foods of the contestants. Maybe it was a real Reality Show for once, that really told of the insipid, lukewarm compromised hearts of Australia's churched leaders.

The Reverend Tim Costello and another Reverend so-called Christian by the name of Bill Crews from, wait it for it........the Uniting Church, were on the guest list also and it was so pitiful to hear how Costello from World Vision and this Reverend Bill witnessed their heart felt beliefs (prayed at the table).....Costello used the word God when he gave thanks for the food that was about to be eaten, given that everyone at the table and at 'Master Chef' have a different God if any at all, it was a very non-offensive broad, wide road prayer and the Reverend Bill didn't even bother to say God when he spoke of the food. I guess Bill was desiring to be everyone's mate , friend on the night and that Jesus bloke was put on the back-burner.......again, still, as usual.

Come to think of it, I have seen and heard this Reverend Bill on other TV shows and he is the biggest ecumenical-compromiser and lily-livered religious leader I have ever seen for a good while, shameful really to witness such hog-wash. He was too busy being conscious of the Lama and every other Christless-human in the place to give Jesus exaltation, a thought or a mention nationally, most definitely of the 'Church of the Second Command'. I truly believe Jesus takes account of such opportunities given to men and women and on the day of judgment could very well say.....Go Away From Me!

The name Jesus was not mentioned in the presence of 'His Holiness'?....the Dalai Lama who is a Buddhist and whose theme is supposedly.......'Peace' but the shocking truth is Mr. Lama wouldn't have any idea of true Peace for he does not know, follow or exalt the 'Prince of Peace - Jesus the Christ'.
And how can anyone be holy without Holy Spirit indwelling?.... for all were born sinners from birth, thanks Eve. The Dalai, whose real name is 'Lhama Dondrub' is not 'born-again' he has just had a change of name that's all, nothing has changed with Lhamo except maybe his diet now and then for health reasons. The Dalai is still the same old Lhamo who was born from his mother's womb a sinner, heading for utter destruction, ,eternal hellfire, regardless of his popularity, self-righteousness and idiotic laugh......ref/John 3:3,5, Acts 3:23...........click.

There is none as holy as my God, there is none quite like thee neither is there any Rock/security and assurance like my God, there is none as holy as my Lord.......Jesus the Christ.......ref/1 Samuel 2:2.... (St. Peter is not the Rock, Jesus the Christ is.........glory to the Lamb).

Mr. Lhama Dondrub does not have the only true righteousness which comes from Almighty God through Jesus the Christ, Lhamo Dondrub has his own righteousness, which is no better than the righteousness of the Pharisee-Jews, the religious hypocrites of Messiah's Day. Lhamo has his own holiness also not the holiness of the holy God of the true Israel, this is why (educated fools) ignorant, sin laden people call him......'His Holiness'.......ref/Romans 3:22, Matthew 5:20..........Selah.