• MAY 6 / 2007
  • Acts 17:11
I was living in sin. Then there came a time when I began to read the (bible) word of God, I felt convicted. It was during this time that I really knew for certain that I was surely a sinner.......John 16: 8.

I later repented of my sins and became a christian. I prayed to God for forgiveness and believing that he is merciful, believed that he forgave me of my sins. it was then that I began to attend a church service each Sunday for some time....Romans 10: 10.

Later on however, I backslid. As a result of this I became foolish and things never went well for me in life. I later attended a Baptist Church for about ten months and I was living in sin at the same time, I was surely a prodigal, wilfully lost in sin.

There wasn't much warning about the consequences of sin in the church I was attending especially 'known' sin. However, I was still responsible for my own actions, I am aware of this fully and so we all should be....2 Corinthians 5: 9-11, 1 Corinthians 6: 9-11.

The lord was merciful to me in a big way, in giving me a shepherd/pastor who has a heart for God. I met Pastor Paul Sheehan on the streets of Brisbane City. He handed me some literature one day and the message was surely good. This message was (So Jesus) filled with correction and warning, exactly what I needed....Luke 13: 1-5, Romans 11: 20-22.....click.

I believe that God has provided this man to give me understanding and true knowledge of his word. Paul has done well in remaining loyal to God and continuously preaching the unadulterated truth of the bible despite his many adversaries.......John 1: 7-9...selah.

I no longer attend the Baptist Church Organisation. I did not belong there neither was I ever in full agreeance with their doctrine, I have forsaken their teaching and moved on.I have since been water-baptised by Pastor Sheehan and joined with JTCM. (Baptised by full submersion into the Christ/Jesus)....click.

The message of JTCM Australia is simple, powerful and truthful. I have repented of my previous backslidings and willful sinfulness, I have also learnt that christians need to give up living for the things of this present world if they intend on being saved from eternal hell...2 Corinthians 5: 15.

We all need to follow the lord Jesus Christ  and be obedient to his word, always giving ear to his wonderful teachings. In a nutshell, 'I have fallen in love with lord Jesus Christ' and long to read his word daily, meditating in it and willingly doing it, which is highly important, up to the light, knowledge I have.

Due to honest people, it has been made clear to me that there are many organisations calling themselves 'churches' and even christian who preach lies to large assemblies. These are basically thieves, rich in material goods only but what are they going to do in the end? A type of  'Nigerian - Money - Scammers', clothed with religious garb and positive lingo, wolves in sheep's clothing.

I prefer to hear the absolute truth (of) about lord Jesus Christ, and this, I and others certainly receive at the quality services of JTCM Australia, a little (remnant) flock indeed...Matthew 7: 13, 14.

Because of (the truth in) these services, I have departed from known sin, grown as a servant and disciple of Jesus and my faith has gone out to many people...1 Thessalonians 1:8.

Although I rejoice I still must remain humble and cautious, enduring to the very end that I may be counted worthy by him/Lord Jesus Christ.......Luke 21: 36, Hebrews 3: 12-15.
  • The glory belongs to lord Jesus Christ.
    Brother Thomas Loftus
    JTCM China

    PS.....Good works/deeds, are good but 'first' works must be first and it is this attitude that (ultimately) pleases lord Jesus Christ ref/Revelation 2: 5, Luke 6: 46, Titus 1:16 .....click.